Fast Lane Starts and Finishes

Fast Lane Starts and Finishes
Fast Lane Starts and Finishes
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Product Description

  • Gain an edge with great start technique
  • Drills to overcome common errors in the start
  • See full relay start demonstrations for medley & free relay exchanges
with Frank Busch,
USA Swimming National Team Director; 2x U.S. Olympic Swim Coach,
former University of Arizona Head Coach; 2x NCAA Championship Coach; 6x National Coach of the Year; member of the American Swim Coaches Association (ASCA) Hall of Fam3 (2008)
and the Arizona Coaching Staff

Rick Demont begins this presentation teaching the forward start. Demont includes streamline entry drills that are designed to "groove" a swimmers feel of "holding the line" off of the start. On the block, Demont shares a thorough progression of setting up the track start, including placement of the feet, preferred leg angles, hand positioning, the "pull"off of the blocks, the flight, entry and streamline into breakout. Demont identifies some common challenges swimmers face with the forward start and offers insight into drills that will help a swimmer overcome start deficiencies. The use of three different swimmers greatly enhances this start segment. Next, Augie Busch presents a thorough breakdown of how to teach and coach the backstroke start. He includes the set up for the block/wall, the bar release technique, the preferred flight pattern, entry streamline and breakout. Busch uses two highly successful backstrokers in this segment; each of who utilize a different release and flight pattern with the hands/arms that will greatly benefit your coaching! From there the coaches share finish techniques for each of the strokes. In the final segment; Relay Starts, you will see the technique and strategies that Arizona swimmers use for fast, efficient and successful relay exchanges. Frank Busch narrates and critiques a medley relay and a free relay exchange series.

62 minutes. 2006.

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