Fab 40 Hitting Drills for Intermediate Players (Ages 10-14)

Fab 40 Hitting Drills for Intermediate Players (Ages 10-14)
Fab 40 Hitting Drills for Intermediate Players (Ages 10-14)
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Product Description

  • Develop powerful and consistent hitters with proven drills, starting with dry hitting and moving through tee work to soft toss, front toss, and batting practice
  • Work inside and outside pitches effectively
  • Keep the hands inside at all times
  • Create hitters that are loose but still balanced, athletic and powerful
  • Take pitches properly, with the backside engaged and the head on the ball all the way through
with Paul McGloin; Associate Scout for the New York Yankees;
Owner/Head Instructor, Electric City Baseball & Softball Academy;
has coached over 30 Major League Baseball draft pick

The perfect follow-up to Fab 40 for Beginners, Paul McGloin shares 40 more swing-building drills. These drills are excellent for the hitter who has solid fundamentals but now needs to train specific areas and refine his mechanics. The drills are unique, targeted, progressive and varied, so you can help hitters perfect their technique — without ever worrying that they'll get bored.

Drawing on years of experience, Coach McGloin walks you through some the best intermediate drills that he uses. This unique presentation truly takes training up a level, leading you from the "tire toss" dry drill through some highly refined tee drills that focus on balance, bat path, control and power, all the way into batting practice. With each drill, Coach McGloin explains the focus of the drill and tells you what to look for in the drill in order to properly coach it.

Players can watch this video and learn new ways to coach themselves so that they can become better players.

These drills were specially selected to isolate the issues that intermediate players face as they try to move up to that next level. Tighten up your players' technique while also creating the foundation for hitting breaking balls and off-speed pitches at the next level.

67 minutes. 2014.

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