Fab 40 Hitting Drills for Advanced Players (Ages 15 and Up)

Fab 40 Hitting Drills for Advanced Players (Ages 15 and Up)
Fab 40 Hitting Drills for Advanced Players (Ages 15 and Up)
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Product Description

  • Learn how to vary your drills to keep players engaged and interested
  • Learn how to work from dry swings to the tee, soft toss, front toss and batting practice
  • Develop fast hands and great balance as well as exceptional vision and discipline at the plate
  • Learn how to train players to hit off-speed pitches and breaking balls, including the challenging "12-6" curve ball
  • Discover techniques for working middle, in and away
with Paul McGloin; Associate Scout for the New York Yankees;
Owner/Head Instructor, Electric City Baseball & Softball Academy;
has coached over 30 Major League Baseball draft pick

In the final installment of this unique series, Paul McGloin shares 40 hitting drills for players who have mastered the fundamentals. By working on the key attributes of good hitting in a challenging, competitive and controlled environment, your hitters will remain engaged as their skill levels improve.

In this advanced drills video, Coach McGloin moves from dry swings that challenge hitters to use proper mechanics to T-drills that create consistency in the swing to batting practice in the cage. Even veteran coaches will learn new drills and new twists on some classics. Coach McGloin also gives measurable objectives for each drill to ensure that it's being done correctly.

Players can watch this presentation and learn new ways to coach themselves to be better players.

Give your players every possible advantage at the plate and take your hitters to new levels of success with the drills in this dynamic video.

64 minutes. 2014.

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