Explosive Speed, Reaction and Jump Training for Volleyball

Explosive Speed, Reaction and Jump Training for Volleyball
Explosive Speed, Reaction and Jump Training for Volleyball
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Product Description

  • Learn how to improve your athletes' first step and reaction time to help them move more efficiently and get to balls more quickly
  • Learn how to effectively use the arms to increase vertical jump
  • Learn how to combine drills that develop first step, agility and reaction quickness to challenge your athletes and improve their anaerobic endurance
with Rob Rose, President of True Athlete Performance in Washington, DC;
has trained youth to pro athletes since 1995

Rob Rose provides volleyball-specific drills and exercises that can be used to develop more powerful, efficient athletes who will be more successful on court.

The presentation is divided into eight areas:

Dynamic Flexibility - Discover ways to simultaneously get your players warmed up and stretched out. Players will be ready to go from these drills/exercises straight into a practice session or a competition.

First Step and Reaction - Using a volleyball-ready position, Coach Rose takes you through three drills with multiple progressions that improve athletes' reaction time, both defensively and in transition. These drills incorporate a drop and go/quick step movement, using arms to increase foot speed, focusing on reacting rather than anticipating, and building up from a small first step.

Agility - Using various progressions of four drills, Coaches Rose teaches using dropped hips, driving arms and a powerful first step to increase agility. These drills, demonstrated on court by volleyball players, are volleyball-specific and appropriate for athletes of all skill levels. .

Power - Jumping is an integral part of volleyball. Coach Rose demonstrates how to improve an athlete's jump by focusing on the landing first and by fully utilizing the arms. He leads you through a jump series with hurdles to improve two-footed jumping. A linear bounding series to improve single-leg jumping is also included. Woodchoppers and push-ups are recommend to strengthen the core and thus gain more power in both jumping and swinging.

Quickness/Reaction - Ladder drills, dot drills, hurdle hops, and shadow box drills get muscles quickly firing. Sideways and lateral movements are emphasized as volleyball-specific drills. Coach Rose demonstrates how to use the arms, stay light on the feet, and keep a small bend in the knees in order to move as quickly as possible.

Strength - Core-based, functional strength training is the focus of this segment. Squats, single-leg stand ups, suspension push-ups, and dumbbell pullovers are some of the drills Coach Rose uses to increase strength in volleyball athletes.

Anaerobic Endurance - Coach Rose combines drills from each of the previous segments in order to challenge athletes' anaerobic endurance. An obstacle course is a great way to add some fun to your practices while still working on improving athletes' first step, agility, power, reaction quickness and strength.

Testing and Evaluation - Understanding your player's current strengths and weaknesses is critical to achieving maximum performance. By testing, evaluating and focused training to improve overall physical strength and conditioning, your athletes can better apply their skills on the court. Having volleyball-specific tests and exercisers ensures that time spent on conditioning delivers results on the court.

Coach Rose shares a series of tests for each of volleyball's key physical requirements. Key measures include linear speed or first-step quickness, agility, power, quickness, strength and anaerobic endurance. Each category of testing includes two to three tests. With each test, Coach Rose provides the goal , its relevance to volleyball, test execution details, examples of players doing the test and insight into common mistakes.

With this presentation, coaches of all levels can improve their athletes' volleyball skills by training them to use more powerful movements that are both quick and efficient. Teach your players to improve themselves so that they can be better players on the court.

101 minutes. 2014.

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