Explosive Skills & Drills for Offensive Lacrosse

Explosive Skills & Drills for Offensive Lacrosse
Explosive Skills & Drills for Offensive Lacrosse
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Product Description

  • Drills you can use at practice or at home to make yourself a better lacrosse player
  • Develop explosive power for throwing, shooting and finishing
  • Build muscle memory, create a fluent catch and switch, and develop a stronger stick
with Nick Myers,
Ohio State University Head Coach;
2016 U.S. Men's National Under-19 Team Head Coach;
2014 ECAC regular season co-champions; 2013 ECAC Tournament Champions

Develop an explosive dodge, a quick, deceptive shot and get the ball on net more consistently.

Nick Myers, Head Coach at The Ohio State University breaks down the fundamental skills and drills that coaches and athletes can use to become a complete offensive lacrosse player. The skills covered include stick work, shooting, and dodging. Myers takes you through each skill by breaking it down as well as explaining how each drill is important to the skill development.

Myers shows you how to set up your stick and how to create a pocket to successfully dodge, shoot and bang the ball around the horn. Learn the basics of delivering a crisp, hard pass and the essentials to catching.

Go to the wall with a purpose! Develop explosive hands for throwing, shooting and finishing. Included are warm up drills and an eight-part wall ball workout that delivers a competitive progression of skills. This workout includes one cradle, quick sticks, one hand-one cradle, catch & switch, grounders, shovels, cross-hands, and backhands. Effectively use the wall to build muscle and develop a stronger stick.

Learn to change up your shot and use deception to make the most of each scoring opportunity. To help your players become complete shooters, Myers demonstrates the finer points of shooting form, types of shots, shots on the run and finishing opportunities. Myers demonstrates the basic skills and drills needed to develop quick hands and to get more shots on-cage.

Breakdown the defense by forcing them to slide, move and rotate. Myers shows you how you can create an explosive, physical dodge.Learn essential speed ladder drills to train effective footwork, speed and explosiveness. Myers teaches the basics of dodging and demonstrates four different types of dodges: the split dodge, the roll dodge, the face dodge and the swim dodge.

Myers also delivers instruction on:

  • The long dodge
  • How to read a slide
  • How to play out of a double team
  • Quick dodges from the back side
  • Four moves you can use behind the cage

Myers uses unique skill cues to teach his techniques that are sure to resonate with your players. He uses golf analogies to teach shot selection and uses Play Station language to teach dodging.

To be the best player and the best coach you must be a student of the game. This DVD will teach you how to develop the fundamental skills and drills you need to become to become an offensive force on your team.

121 minutes. 2010.

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