Explosive Escapes

Explosive Escapes
Explosive Escapes
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Get the technical skills and the mental toughness you need to successfully wrestle from the bottom position
  • Learn how to maximize your chances of escaping - before the whistle even blows
  • Learn 3 stand-ups that will help you get to your attack faster and with less energy
  • Get five drills to teach explosion from the bottom position
with Kevin Dresser,
Iowa State University Head Coach;
2019 NWCA Division I National Coach of the Year;
2019 Big Twelve Coach of the Year;
former Virginia Tech Head Coach; 2017 ACC Co-Coach of the Year;
2016 NWCA Coach of the Year;
three straight ACC Dual Meet Champions (2015-17); Back-to-Back ACC Tournament Champions (2013-14);
former Christiansburg (VA) High School Head Coach,
5x Virginia Group AA State Champions;
1986 NCAA Champion and 2x All-American wrestler at the University of Iowa

Success on the bottom requires mental toughness and tenacity. More importantly, it requires the knowledge of proper technique. In this video, Kevin Dresser gives you that knowledge and the drills to help you take it to the mat.

Coach Dresser teaches you how to master the bottom position with concrete technique, broken down into three easy to remember steps: setup, explosiveness and positioning. You will learn how to gain an advantage over your opponent before the whistle even blows. You will then learn proper hand fighting technique, how to seal off your opponent, and how to position yourself for the escape.

In addition to great conventional technique, Coach Dresser demonstrates unconventional technique that has helped him and the individuals he has coached get that key reversal when needed.

The Set-Up

The bottom position begins with the setup. If you don't setup properly, your opponent will have an advantage when the whistle blows, and that can lead to spending a lot of time on bottom with your opponent in control. Coach Dresser demonstrates how to be ready to score on the whistle. Amongst other things, you'll learn to keep a wide base, keep your hips low, and how to be ready to spring into action.

Explosion Drills

When the whistle blows, the defensive wrestler has to be ready to explode, and a good setup will help you to get into position. During explosion, hand-fighting skills are imperative. Coach Dresser demonstrates how to simultaneously explode off the whistle and trap the "belly" hand.

You'll learn to pinch off your opponent and scrape away their hands en route to your escape. Coach Dresser also includes five explosion drills, including the headgear drill, stand up drill, chair drill, change over drill and the fly away drill.

The drills shown are easily implemented into any practice and can make an average wrestler great in short order if the positions are maintained.

The Stand-Up

Getting out from the bottom is essential in wrestling. The stand-up is the best and safest way to get out from bottom. Coach Dresser teaches three stand-ups in this video: an explosion stand-up, a changeover stand-up and a technique to help get to your feet if the opponent puts you to your butt.


Coach Dresser moves from the conventional to the unconventional with his elevator roll series. Coach Dresser shows how to be sound fundamentally with his take on side rolls and elevator techniques that will throw even the most seasoned top wrestlers off their game. With the elevator series, you'll learn how to position yourself for a reversal and, in many cases, score a five-point move.

This is a great video for beginning and intermediate wrestlers, but can also be a refresher for upper- level wrestlers and coaches. The information is simple and clear, yet effective. If viewers pay attention to the details Dresser describes in the video and work on the drills to master the technique, they will learn to be successful from the bottom position.

44 minutes. 2015.

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