Exercises to Teach Transition Play

Exercises to Teach Transition Play
Exercises to Teach Transition Play
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  • Learn to pressure the ball early after losing possession
  • Look to play balls longer to provide outlet to teammates under pressure
  • Learn how to move off the ball in transition
  • Create offensive depth and width in transition
with Kendall Fletcher, former Assistant Coach at the University of Irvine;
former professional women's soccer player; member of the U-19 United States Women's National Team (2002 World Cup Champs): member of the 2007 NCAA Championship team at North Carolina; played on three ACC Championship teams at North Carolina

Learn everything your team needs to create a more threatening offense in the attack, as well as solid defense in the back, in this phenomenal instructional video from professional soccer player Kendall Fletcher. She provides you and your team the activities and insight necessary to become a better team!

Coach Fletcher starts with some possession work that will allow your team to develop multiple skills such as passing, dribbling, control, pressuring, and communication. By using good movement and passing you will be able to find your target and create more space. The defensive side will learn how to step to the ball early, close down space, and win it back right away.

Transitioning the ball from the defense to offense is made easier with quick touches. You will be able to improve your one touch passing with the help of Fletcher. Your players get more comfortable with their ability to find an open defender and start the attack up field. The Three Zone Transition is a great drill for the team on the ball to develop that quick passing while working with limited space. For the defense, they will gain an understanding of hustling to force an error as they are outnumbered in 5v2 situation. Your team will lower the amount of time the opponent has to make a decision on where to play the ball next, which increase the chances of creating a turnover.

Gain an understanding on how your players can beat the other team in transition with 1v1, 2v2, and 3v3 situations. See how to make different runs and create better angles for your teammate to pass you the ball. Making overlapping runs and give-n-gos will help your offense get in behind the defense. During the small sided game segments, your players will improve their ability to take shots on goal. They will learn when to get rid of the ball with a pass or a shot, and when they can try to take on a defender.

These fun, fast pace games will keep your players interested in practicing as well as give them the skills they need to become a better overall team. Generate more offense and allow the opponent less time on the ball with these exciting drills from Kendall Fletcher!

75 minutes. 2013.

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