Exercises and Drills to Drastically Improve Athlete Performance on the Court

Exercises and Drills to Drastically Improve Athlete Performance on the Court
Exercises and Drills to Drastically Improve Athlete Performance on the Court
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Product Description

  • Save practice time using this circuit training session to develop core strength and explosive lateral movement
  • Create power in your volleyball skills with core strengthening excercises
  • Get footwork drills that increase speed, reaction time, and first-step quickness and replicates on-court movement
  • Female-specific exercises and modifications to strengthen the knee and help prevent knee injuries
with Barry Lovelace,
a fitness coach and personal trainer internationally recognized as the "King of Core"
a member of Team Men's Fitness and is an author of several volleyball specialized fitness videos and programs

Maximize your practice time by using Barry Lovelace's effective circuit training program to train up to 40 athletes on one court! Coach Lovelace, an internationally recognized sports trainer, speaks about and demonstrates the importance of training with movement in the sport of volleyball.

Lovelace demonstrates a sample circuit training session that he describes as a "buffet of sports performance exercises." The circuit contains exercises focusing on core, functional, proprioceptive and flexible resistance, which builds elasticity in muscles with quick results.

For each station in the circuit Lovelace shows several progressions and adaptations for various levels of athletes. He discusses the importance of focusing on different types of movement from station to station, as well as the role of interval training. Each station in the circuit is demonstrated by University of Texas athletes.

After the circuit, Barry guides you through several footwork and reaction drills that enhance muscle and cardiovascular endurance. All exercises demonstrated are volleyball specific. Through this video, you will see the importance of "training from the inside out."

Using Barry Lovelace's training techniques to create workouts will help your athletes gain incredible core strength, generate muscle elasticity and increase reaction time on the court.

Filmed at the 2011 AVCA Convention.

60 minutes. 2012.

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