Evolution of the Inside Triple Option Offense

Evolution of the Inside Triple Option Offense
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Install the Inside Triple Option to ramp up your team's offensive output!

  • Center your offense around one concept so your team can master the system and have a variety of answers for potential problems
  • Operate the Inside Triple Option at different tempos so you can adapt to different game situations
  • Discover blocking schemes, mesh reads, pre-snap reads, terminology, and other information necessary to run the Inside Triple Option

with John Lilly,
Independence High School (WV) Head Coach;
former Assistant Coach,
Spring League NFL Development Program

John Lilly provides a detailed overview of the Inside Triple Option offense in this jam-packed video. The triple option has been around for decades and has continued to evolve as the game has changed. Coach Lilly focuses on the main family of plays, as well as formations and motions to help adjust and exploit defenses.

Lilly's presentation begins by giving an overview of the offense and the schemes and concepts that are utilized. He explains the philosophy of the offense and how it has evolved into what it is today. Additionally, you'll receive procedural information that is necessary to install and run the Inside Triple Option.

You will learn:

  • The components that are necessary to make up a complete offensive system.
  • The philosophy of offense and coaching that revolves around being simple and multiple at the same time.
  • The terminology, play calling procedures, and various tags and checks used in the offense.

The "14/15" Option

Coach Lilly gives an exhaustive overview of the triple option play that he calls "14/15". He details the blocking schemes against various defensive fronts, as well as quarterback reads, footwork, and mechanics. Lilly also explains the running back's rules, footwork, and aiming points to the play.

In this section, you'll see:

  • The "14/15" play, including how Coach Lilly teaches the quarterback to identify and read the dive key and pitch key.
  • Blocking schemes and coaching points for each player, including perimeter blockers.
  • Examples of each coaching point with on-field drill examples.

The Inside Triple Option "Tool Box"

Coach Lilly concludes with a comprehensive overview of what he calls "the tool box," which is a set of adjustments and considerations that are necessary to make the offense work against any defense. You'll also see how he attacks certain defenses, as he goes through several reads that the QB must master so that the offense can be executed no matter what the defense tries to do.

Included are:

  • Perimeter blocking schemes and how to adjust them based on front and coverage.
  • Four different mesh reads the quarterback must master.
  • Quarterback pre-snap scheme reads.

As Coach Lilly emphasizes, don't be afraid of an offense that focuses on a few main skills - it can be more dominant than the offense that has thousands of skills not perfected. With this video, your team will be well on its way to running a threatening Inside Triple Option.

80 minutes. 2018.

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