Essential Elements of a Successful Power Play: Breakouts, Entry Plays and Formations

Essential Elements of a Successful Power Play: Breakouts, Entry Plays and Formations
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Get three interchangeable power play breakouts to adjust to your opponent's penalty kill system!

  • Learn three offensive zone formations that will help you create scoring chances, gain momentum and score goals
  • Create scoring opportunities by spacing your players during exit, in the neutral zone and in zone formations
  • Discover an effective plan for zone entries that will help your team gain and maintain puck possession with good support

with Enrico Blasi,
former Miami University of Ohio Head Coach;
2009 NCAA National Championship runner-up; 2 Frozen Four appearances;
2006 Spencer Penrose National College Coach of the Year;
2010 College Hockey News and National Coach of the Year honors; 5x CCHA Coach of the Year recipient

Coach Enrico Blasi takes you through the basic power play principles of creating scoring chances/opportunities, building momentum and scoring goals. The power play is all about supporting the puck, options and creating odd-man situations.


You are given three power play breakouts: All 5 Back, Double Post, and Single Post.

Coach Blasi diagrams each breakout and defines each player's role as the play progresses up ice, zone by zone. Each step of the way, you are shown passing options and what players must do to support the player with the puck and those away from the puck. By giving each player lane responsibilities/rules to follow, your team will create width and depth for effective exits from your zone and entries into the opponent's zone.

The on-ice session shows how crucial timing, speed and players knowing their routes on the breakout are to having a successful breakout and offensive zone entry.


Coach Blasi then goes back to the drawing board to take you through three power play formations: Overload, Umbrella, and 2/3 High-Low Support.

Detailed options are presented for each formation and then presented on ice in a walk through. Coach Blasi always has players looking for options with and away from the puck. Athletes always try to find the open man and create scoring chances with constant movement and creativity. Each power play formation has its own unique characteristics. This gives your power play the ability to adapt to your opponent's penalty kill system, quickly moving from one formation to another if needed.

This video from Enrico Blasi has everything you need to kick your power play up a notch!

28 minutes. 2017.

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