Elite-Level Finishes from a High Crotch, Crackdown & Low Single

Elite-Level Finishes from a High Crotch, Crackdown & Low Single
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Learn how to attack and finish against your toughest opponents from multiple levels!

  • Create an angle and score off a high crotch against any opponent
  • Learn the backside uppercut - a game-changer that allows a wrestler to finish takedowns at a higher clip
  • Finish a single leg from underneath an opponent by elevating their hips and creating angles

with Mark Perry, Hawkeye Wrestling Club Coach;
former University of Illinois Associate Head Coach;
2013 Amateur Wrestling News Division I Assistant Coach of the Year;
wrestled at the University of Iowa - was a 2x NCAA Champion, 4x All American, the 2005 NWCA Rookie of the Year, team captain from 2005-08;
in 2007, won the Big Ten title and the Gorrarian Trophy at the 2007 NCAA Tournament;
helped lead the Hawkeyes to an NCAA team National Championship in 2008

Mark Perry has been successful as both a coach and an athlete at all levels of wrestling. One of the reasons he's had great success is his attention to detail in finishing takedowns. Perry's ties to the Oklahoma State and Iowa wrestling programs have allowed for him to become one of the great technical minds in the sport. In this video, Perry provides insight as to why the ability to finish takedowns is what sets great wrestlers apart from good wrestlers.

The key to scoring on your feet is the ability to finish an offensive attack on any opponent. Perry demonstrates high level finishes from a high crotch, crackdown, single leg, and low single leg, such as the lost art of running the pipe, Saitiev crackdown, and an Iranian. You'll also see variations to the finishes based on the type of opponent that a wrestler might encounter.

High Crotch Finishes

The high crotch has traditionally been taught with two finishes up high: the cut off and the lift. Coach Perry revisits these classic finishes and adds a new wrinkle to consistently create a strong angle and more powerful lift. Next, he shows how to incorporate running the pipe in with the high crotch to reset the angle if the opponent squares up, and how to use it to complement the other finishes. Finally, he shows a series of leg up finishes, which have started to grow in popularity at the collegiate level, but are poorly understood by many.

Crackdown Finishes

The crackdown is one of the most frustrating positions to be put in for an attacking wrestler because it's incredibly easy to get stuck in a stalemate. Perry was one of the most effective users of the crackdown defensively during his collegiate career, and he's able to bring an interesting perspective to the position on offense.

Coach Perry demonstrates what to do if a wrestler's high crotch attempt ends on the mat in a crackdown position:

  • Swim - One of the most effective ways to finish in the crackdown position. The swim puts a wrestler in a situation to cradle and pin their opponent.
  • Arm Trap to Kick Flip - Used when an opponent defends with a chest lock or a crotch lift and allows a wrestler to put their opponent in danger.
  • Pushback - Used when a wrestler is unable to get arm control and allows for a wrestler to secure a takedown with a table top or Saitiev crackdown finish.

Single Leg Finishes

Perry shows several twists on traditional finishes to the single leg, coming out the backdoor, and low single leg. He emphasizes locking out the leg and the foot, completely eliminating the advantages that flexible and athletic opponents may have. He also shows a key detail to attacking the low single that will change your approach to penetration and significantly improve your efficiency with the attack. Finally, he shows a simple and effective counter to the funk cradle, a move for which he has received great recognition.

Opponents will force you into various positions and you must learn how to finish from all positions and from both sides. Perry will give you the foundation for building those skills. With this video, you'll learn to wrestle from all positions.

101 minutes. 2017.

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