Eight Separations for Advanced Players

Eight Separations for Advanced Players
Eight Separations for Advanced Players
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  • Bring world renowned skill development trainer Micah Lancaster to your gym
  • Learn some of the skills Micah has developed in elite players like Dwyane Wade, Kyrie Irving, Evan Turner and Ben McLemore
  • Discover extraordinary ways to drill the skills you need to be successful as a player or coach
with Micah Lancaster, owner and founder of I'm Possible Training;
World Renowned Skill Development Trainer, worked with Kobe Bryant at the London School of Basketball, and has trained NBA players Dwyane Wade, Kyrie Irving, Mario Chalmers, Evan Turner, Jeff Green, Ben Mclemore, Nolan Smith, Reggie Bullock, and Avery Bradley among others

The name of the game for the individual player is separation. Separation from the defender creates opportunities to be effective.

Micah Lancaster does it again with an advanced skill development workout that pushes players to the next level, taking them from good to great. Lancaster, who has trained with future Hall of Fame player Kobe Bryant at his London School of Basketball, uses on-court demonstrations along with various equipment to push players out of their comfort zones and into the next level of athleticism.

Lancaster breaks drills into segments that are necessary to develop separation skills needed to beat any defender. Building on his youth workout, "Creating Separation with the Ball for Youth Players," Lancaster creates a new a style of skill development that any player - guard or post - can utilize to achieve greatness.

This video focuses on three areas of separation:

  • Contact Separation - Master the art of using the off hand to protect the basketball and separate from the defender.
  • Jump Separation - Learn how to stretch out and finish when attacking the rim.
  • Fake Separation - Discover how to read the defense and attack it at it weakest points.

Players will become masters at using their feet and hands to control every movement on the court. Lancaster shows you how his new "Maravich Ball-handling" drills will take players to a new level of ball control. As your players execute these advanced drills, they will develop great habits with and without the basketball.

This is a perfect DVD for any parent who is looking to give their player a chance at greatness or any coach who is wants to provide that next level training and demonstrate that anything is possible with hard work and attention to detail.

73 minutes. 2014.

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