Eddie Reese on Swimming

Eddie Reese on Swimming
Eddie Reese on Swimming
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Product Description

  • Eddie Reese shares his wealth of knowledge on all four strokes
  • Each DVD includes start and turn instruction for the stoke
  • View common errors and their corrections for each stroke
Eddie Reese on Swimming:
  • What to look for in a stroke
  • Drills that enhance technique and performance
  • Common Errors and Corrections
  • Turn and breakouts
  • Start and breakouts

Eddie Reese is synonymous with excellence in the sport of swimming. Reese is a three-time United States Men's Olympic Team head coach and his Texas Men's Swimming teams have won nine NCAA Championships. Eddie has been awarded NCAA Coach of the Year honors eight times. One of the most innovative teachers and technicians in the sport, Reese's gifted eye affords him an uncanny ability to relate stroke/technique nuances to his swimmers that allow them to reach unprecedented levels of success. Each DVD includes: a technical discussion of what Eddie looks for in a stroke, drills for technique and performance enhancement, common errors (and corrections) of the stroke, as well a technical breakdown of the turn and breakout and the start and breakout.

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