Eddie Reese on Freestyle

Eddie Reese on Freestyle
Eddie Reese on Freestyle
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Product Description

  • Coach, teach and correct your freestylers
  • See eight drills to enhance freestyle technique
  • Discover five common errors and corrections for freestyle technique

with Eddie Reese,
University of Texas Head Men's Swimming Coach;
2018 NCAA Champions;
14x NCAA Champions - including Back-to-Back-to-Back-to-Back titles (2015-18);
8x NCAA Coach of the Year; 3x US Men's Olympic Team Head Coach

In this instructional DVD, Eddie Reese begins with a technical breakdown of the freestyle stroke with a detailed on-deck discussion of the key components of a technically sound freestyle and shares the elements of what he looks for in an efficient freestyle. Eddie next takes you through a "full stroke" analysis of former UT great and 2x Olympian, Nate Dusing's freestyle, reviewing the key mechanics. Reese next shares eight drills that he utilizes with his swimmers to enhance technique and performance. In the errors and corrections segment, Eddie shares five common freestyle errors. With drills and coaching points, he discusses how best to correct the error. Eddie then breaks down the mechanics of a flip turn along with the breakout and finishes with a look at the start and breakout. Throughout every phase of this DVD, Eddie shares what his gifted eye sees through invaluable commentary - expert instruction that will show why UT and Olympic teams coached by Reese have been so successful! Underwater and slow motion footage greatly enhance this incredible DVD!

42 minutes. 2005.

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