Earl Chambers: Developing Explosive Defensive Linemen

Earl Chambers: Developing Explosive Defensive Linemen
Earl Chambers: Developing Explosive Defensive Linemen
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Product Description

  • Discover effective drills for developing explosive, agile defensive linemen
  • Discover ways to disrupt the zone-read blocking scheme from the defensive line fronts
  • Learn how to coach your players get separation from the offensive linemen in order to create pressure
with Earl Chambers, former Valdosta State University Assistant;
2012 National Champions Division II

Being able to apply relentless pressure on high-powered offenses is the key to success in today's game. Offensive teams have an edge on opposing defenses but the equalizer is strong defensive line play. In this detailed presentation, Earl Chambers shares drills and skills needed for the explosive defensive lineman from the 4-3 defense. Chambers has used these drills to help undersized defensive linemen make the most of their abilities.

Coach Chambers thrives on relentless play and ultimate determination with constant hustle and a positive attitude. His video opens with a discussion of his philosophy and his off-the-field expectations for his players. He focuses on the following five fundamental phases of the explosive defensive lineman.

  • Pre-Practice - Discover simple drills you can use before practice that will pay big dividends in a game.
  • Individual Drill Time - Get six drills for developing the total defensive lineman.
  • Run Game - Get coaching points for defeating any block that a defensive linemen might see
  • Passing Game - Learn seven pass-rush techniques that emphasize violent hands and body control.
  • Movement Games - Learn how to disrupt pass protection in up-field games, speed games and grab games.

This segment presents 15 drills explained in detail for easy and immediate implementation into your program. Practice footage is used to ensure that all aspects of the drill are fully understood.

Coach Chambers covers the three "A's" of stopping the run—alignment, assignment and attack. To create the explosive first step that a defensive lineman needs, Coach Chambers gives a detailed break down of proper stance and start. Explosion drills teach defenders how to use their hips as well as their hands. Coach Chambers also covers the base, reach, double, scoop and down blocks, and how to defeat them. The six and seven technique defensive end positions are also shown. Coach Chambers believes in covering every possible scenario with his defensive linemen to ensure that they understand how to react to anything they might see it in a game.

Against the pass, the linemen are taught to create an edge and work half-a-man. Coach Chambers provides drills, fronts and schemes that create pressure in passing situations. Movement games present problems for the offensive linemen; Coach Chambers allows his players to make their own calls so they have ownership in the defensive play.

Coach Chambers also provides insight on defending the zone-read scheme. His drills also show how to defend the zone-read blocks.

The content Coach Chambers provides is unmatched by other defensive line videos. Coach Chambers provides great fundamental detail in his drills and skills that will create an explosive attack for you next season.

Produced at the 2013 Orlando Nike Coach of the Year Clinic.

90 minutes. 2014.

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