Eagle Eye Pro Timing System

Eagle Eye Pro Timing System
Eagle Eye Pro Timing System
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Product Description

Host Your Own Fully Automatic (F.A.T) Track Meets And Save Thousands Over The Competition

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The Industry Revolution. The World's First High Speed Video Timing System!

The Eagle Eye System is designed for pros, coaches, student workers, parents and volunteers alike. Timing no longer has to be complicated or break the budget. This package has everything you need for the most affordable automatic timing system available. Includes:

  • High Speed Color Camera with Lens
  • Pro Timing Software & USB Key
  • Wireless Trigger System (Transmitter and Receiver)
  • USB File Transfer Cable
  • 250 Foot Data Cable
  • 3 Bags/50 Universal.32 Caliber Starting Shells
  • Protective Backpack Carrying Case

3 IN-ONE Versatility

Eagle Eye Pro goes beyond the limitations of older line-scan systems designed specifically for track and field. Use for track in the spring, in the fall for cross country, and year around as a high speed video capture and analysis system for athletes of all sports.

Track & Field
How It Works:

  • Start - Upon firing of the starting gun, the transmitter worn by the Starter, sends a wireless signal to its receiver in the press box to begin the race clock with in the software.
  • Capture - As the runners approach the finish-line, the operator 'clicks' the record button to capture video to the computer's hard drive. [each frame is time-stamped to 1/1000th of a second, producing increments in excess of 100fps].
  • Review - The optional 'live' bookmark features creates a location reference on the video timeline as athletes cross the finish-line, making the review process extremely fast and efficient. The Operator enters the lane or position number of the finishing athlete and immediately sees the official race time appear next to the athletes name. The generated race file imports seamlessly into your favorite meet management software such as Hy-Tek, RaceberryJam, RaceTab, etc.

Cross Country Application
Combine your Eagle Eye Pro Timing system with a standard USB camera for the ultimate video back-up solution to your RFID cross country system. Can also use as a primary system with its real-time bookmarking feature and ability to review and record video at the same time. Best yet, it's all powered entirely from the laptop battery for a completely portable system.

Motion Analysis
Eagle Eye's high speed video camera is an option to achieve super slow motion video for technical analysis of athletic performance. Capture and review immediately. Even record and review simultaneously. Also exports as .avi to third party analysis software such as Eagle Eye Pro Viewer, DartFish, etc.

Eagle Eye's high speed video is accurate, never distorted and always in view. With a color camera, wireless start and laptop computer as standard equipment, Eagle Eye Pro pricing is an industry 'game-changer.'

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