Dynamic Warm-Up Drills to Maximize Performance

Dynamic Warm-Up Drills to Maximize Performance
Dynamic Warm-Up Drills to Maximize Performance
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Engage your players right from the start of practice
  • Use dynamic warm-ups to improve performance and decision making and reduce injury
  • 16 drills to help mentally prepare your athletes for a workout
  • Beat player boredom by creating exciting, up-tempo practices

with Blaise MacDonald,
Colby College Head Coach;
2018 American Hockey Coaches Association Division III National Coach of the Year;
2018 NCAA DIII Frozen Four;
2018 New England Small College Athletic Conference champions;
former head coach at Umass-Lowell and Niagara University;
over 300 career wins

Coach MacDonald has over 30 years of coaching experience at the DI and DIII levels. He was the first head coach in program history at Niagara. Within four years of founding the program at Niagara, MacDonald was named ECAC West Co-Coach of the Year and led the Purple Eagles to the NCAA quarterfinal round. He was named College Hockey America's Coach of the Year, and was voted runner-up for the Spencer Penrose Award as National Coach of the Year. He has won National Titles as an assistant coach (Boston University) and a player (twice at Rochester Institute of Technology). An All-American Defenseman at RIT, Coach McDonald has recruited and coached over 30 NHL players.

The first 15 minutes of any practice are crucial. Players at all levels can quickly become bored at the start of practice and lose their excitement and drive to be on the ice. As a hockey coach, it's your job to establish an excited mindset for your players for their upcoming time on ice. In doing so, you will provide better growth opportunities for players throughout practice.

Blaise MacDonald shows you how to create a practice environment that will get - and keep - your players mentally and physically involved and ready to compete at the highest level.

Coach MacDonald provides more than 16 challenging drills for getting your practice going with a BANG! Each drill targets a specific skill-set to develop your players. Your athletes will be excited to start practice knowing they'll have a puck on their stick a majority of the time.


A good warm-up is essential to mentally prepare for the practice's upcoming activities. Coach MacDonald focuses on the individual technique of certain drills to get players stimulated with a good warm-up. As the video progresses, the technique is used in tactical situations to augment learning and development.

In the 3 Zone Warm-up, players use all three zones of the ice at the same time, creating three different "stations." Working in stations at the start of practice will incorporate many of the players and ignite their enthusiasm by using multiple nets for a visual effect, with the ability to read and react during these drills.


  • 5 Net Chaos - Teaches recognition skills, edge work and the ability to skate with your head up and read off another player's actions.
  • 1 Touch Passing - Players quickly pass the puck puck between one another or with multiple players without handling it. Players may be stationary or constantly moving.
  • Keep Away 1v1 - Players pair off and play 1v1 in a game of keep away that emphasizes skating, stick handling and puck protection. When the puck is turned over, the game continues 1v1.
  • Cross Ice 3v3 - This drill raises competitive level in a fast paced, continuous action that allows players to develop creativity in their individual and team games.

If your team comes to practice lethargic and without any juice, this video will help you explore changes in your preparation to energize your athletes.

65 minutes. 2016.

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