Dynamic Warm-Up and Competitive Drills for Youth Wrestling

Dynamic Warm-Up and Competitive Drills for Youth Wrestling
Dynamic Warm-Up and Competitive Drills for Youth Wrestling
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Product Description

Get over 20 dynamic warm-ups and games to train your young wrestlers in a structured, but fun, environment!

  • Get drills that enhance explosiveness and teach body control
  • See competitive games that develop conditioning, fundamental movement skills and awareness
  • Learn how to motivate your athletes to challenge themselves by setting goals for individual drills

with Pedro Brown,
USA Wrestling Copper & Bronze certified coach,
3 Dimensional Coaching Certified; Director of Midwest Strong Wrestling club, coached multiple National and State champions at the Youth Level; Calisthenics Kingz: Elite Calisthenics Specialist

One of the biggest challenges in wrestling today is keeping youth wrestlers engaged in the sport. Coach Pedro Brown gives you the tools to keep wrestling fun without losing any competitive edge in this video. He demonstrates ways to use dynamic movements that are fun, while also teaching and reinforcing great technique.

Coach Brown's dynamic drills and games help keep things lively at practice and teach technique to athletes of all levels. All of the drills and skills help build strength, mental toughness, and muscle memory for when athletes need it most... during a match. Coach Brown has done a great job of training his athletes to respond to these drills to warm-up safely and maximize practice time.


In this video, you will learn 17 warm-up drills. These drills include several gymnastics skills designed to improve athleticism and explosiveness. Coach Brown and his wrestlers demonstrate how they use warm-ups, like squat hops, to wake up the body and work on mental toughness. He adds variation to all his warm-ups to help wrestlers of all levels and prevent practices from getting stale.

There are also wrestling-specific drills that are used to teach and reinforce technique. He shows how he runs his practices and gives coaching points to emphasize while running these drills and skills; these drills are also excellent mental toughness and concentration training drills.

Wrestling Games

Coach Brown uses games to increase youth wrestlers' conditioning and reinforce skills that athletes need to know. He uses a variety of games, like Tic-Tac-Toe, to challenge the mental ability of his youth wrestlers while improving their conditioning, creating a fun, competitive atmosphere in practice.

Another great way of bringing new life and fun into conditioning is an obstacle course. Coach Brown illustrates how he uses an obstacle course, with a variety of body movements, to help youth wrestlers get into better shape without knowing they are conditioning.

Coach Brown's drills keep things moving and get wrestlers warmed up. This video will show you how to help athletes build the muscle memory necessary to not have to think about technique in the middle of practice. Coach Brown also shows how you can tailor the games and drills in this video to fit any room size or level of athlete. Your wrestlers will love Coach Brown's methods of instruction!

68 minutes. 2017.

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