Dynamic Soccer Moves & Drills for Practicing with a Partner!

Dynamic Soccer Moves & Drills for Practicing with a Partner!
Dynamic Soccer Moves & Drills for Practicing with a Partner!
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Product Description

  • Use a partner to help get the most out of your training time
  • Vary the tempo and difficulty of the training to suit your strengths and needs
  • Apply real pressure when defending for the most realistic training experience
with Kendall Fletcher, former Assistant Coach at the University of Irvine;
former professional women's soccer player; member of the U-19 United States Women's National Team (2002 World Cup Champs): member of the 2007 NCAA Championship team at North Carolina; played on three ACC Championship teams at North Carolina

Sharpen your ball skills with the help of a partner!

Professional soccer player Kendall Fletcher outlines and explains seven critical areas of play that you can practice with a teammate or training partner.

Much like the companion DVD Soccer Training on Your Own, this DVD provides loads of drills that, when practiced faithfully, can turn average players into great players.

Coach Fletcher demonstrates a logical sequence of training drills that can be shared between friends as easily as it can be employed in a full team training session.

Her key coaching points include:

  • Developing good rhythm and timing to improve performance when training
  • Focusing on proper form when passing and receiving
  • Paying attention to details when fatigue sets in
Coach Fletcher breaks down each skill and drill with explanations and demonstrations. Each sequence is practiced by players, so coaches can see how best to coach each skill.

Whether you're a player or coach, this video will help you unlock the potential superstar in any dedicated player.

69 minutes. 2013.

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