Dynamic Soccer Moves & Drills for Practicing on Your Own

Dynamic Soccer Moves & Drills for Practicing on Your Own
Dynamic Soccer Moves & Drills for Practicing on Your Own
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Product Description

  • Improve your individual ball skills year round: off-season, pre-season or in-season
  • Change directions and speeds while maintaining control of the ball
  • Improve your ball skills even if you don't have anyone to train with
with Kendall Fletcher, former Assistant Coach at the University of Irvine;
former professional women's soccer player; member of the U-19 United States Women's National Team (2002 World Cup Champs): member of the 2007 NCAA Championship team at North Carolina; played on three ACC Championship teams at North Carolina

No training partner? No worries!

If you're serious about developing your soccer technique, professional soccer player Kendall Fletcher is here to help. Fletcher clearly and expertly demonstrates and explains the essential steps needed to master a multitude of technical skills that you can practice on your own time - at your own pace.

Included in this DVD is a wide range of exercises designed to develop a specific set of foot skills that will have the ball obeying your every command.

This video outlines basic skills that are invaluable to any player's toolbox or coach's practice session. Each skill is broken down into individual steps and is demonstrated slowly at first, and then at full speed.

Fletcher also includes a breakdown at the end of each series of drills, so players will know exactly how to replicate the moves and coaches can demonstrate them with clarity.

Her coaching points focus on:

  • Practicing correct form when executing Coerver, Cruyff and other standard moves
  • Changing directions and speed while maintaining control of the ball
  • Developing accurate placement when passing and shooting
  • Using the figure eight pattern to practice changing speed and direction

The DVD ends with an excellent series of individual scoring drills that conditions players to find the spot they aim for each time they shoot.

When it's time to play, players need to be ready for the demands of the game. Start preparing for your season today!

70 minutes. 2013.

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