Dynamic Drills and Teaching Progression for the Discus

Dynamic Drills and Teaching Progression for the Discus
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Discover a proven training program that has produced multiple Olympic performers!

  • Train throwers to be quick off the block foot in the back of the circle to prevent over-rotation through the middle of the circle
  • Learn how to snap the legs into the hips for added power and speed
  • Teach throwers to space their feet to create force and keep their balance when moving around the throwing circle

with John Dagata,
USA Olympic Training Center Resident Throws Coach (Chula Vista, CA);
USATF Level I, Level II and Level III Certified Coach; IAAF Level 5 Throws Coach

The discus is a complex event with too many moving parts to simply go out and do it without training. USA Olympic Training Center Resident Throws Coach John Dagata shares his teaching progression that will allow you to break apart and focus on the various components of the discus throw so you can develop mastery of the numerous parts of the throw, but also fuse them together into the whole.

Dagata presents a progression of 18 drills that he uses to enhance an athlete's ability to throw the discus further; then discusses the speed, strength, and general training of athletes to take them to a higher level.

Step-By-Step Training Method

Learn a step-by-step method that breaks the discuss technique into individual components that each athlete must master to have good technique in the discus throw. Coach Dagata presents the following drills:

  • Stand Throws - Starts with three variations of the stand throw, teaching the fundamentals of release with a focus on extension and transfer into throw.
  • Step-In Throws - After establishing the final position the thrower is trying to get to, three variations of step-in throws are presented to enhance an athlete's ability to develop linear displacement for greater impulse generation at release.
  • Static Throws - Dagata takes the viewer through six variations of a discus throw from a static start to improve an athlete's balance and control.
  • Full Throws - In the final progression of producing a whole throw, six methods of the full throw are taught, allowing the athlete to load the left leg and sweep the right at the start, building greater momentum from the wind into the throw.

Correcting Technique Flaws

Throughout the presentation, Coach Dagata points out specific technique flaws and ways to fix them. Some of the common flaws that Dagata points out include:

  • Landing on the heel of the front foot in the pivot.
  • A throw that is not down the middle of the sector.
  • How to determine if your athlete gets enough width in their entry.

Training and Conditioning

In this section, you'll get Dagata's thoughts on weight training, use of general strength circuits and weight room circuit training, as well as thoughts on medicine ball work and the proper ratio of throws to drills that young throwers should follow.

If you or one of your athletes is looking to improve in the discus throw, this complete guide from Coach Dagata will help maximize success!

48 minutes. 2017.

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