Dwight Hinson's Wrestling 2-Pack

Dwight Hinson's Wrestling 2-Pack
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  • Discover a variety of takedowns and takedown progressions from the Russian tie
  • Use the wall to perfect your stand-up technique and develop muscle memory

with Dwight Hinson,
Central Iowa Wrestling Club Head Coach;
4x All-American at Iowa State University;
3x Big 12 Champion; 138 career victories

The 2-on-1, or Russian tie, is one of the most effective ties in all of wrestling. It can be seen at the NCAA and Olympic levels - in folkstyle, freestyle and Greco - but is particularly effective at the youth and high school levels as it provides a strong angle and handle to control the opponent. Once the opponent is worn down, the wrestler can attack while the opponent's offense is limited to a handful of low-percentage moves. Newer wrestlers can use the position to set up their attacks with minimal worry about counters.

In this video, 4x All-American Dwight Hinson gives you his complete guide to the Russian tie.

Takedown Series from Russian Tie

Hinson demonstrates a variety of takedowns with wrestlers from his club. The full series includes 16 takedowns, including:

  • Pull downs
  • Single legs to both sides
  • Dumps and throws
  • Body locks and ducks
  • Ankle picks and knee picks

Many of the takedowns work in sequence. Coach Hinson builds off the single leg, pull down and inside trip to set up a number of different moves that are difficult to defend once your opponent commits to defending the first move. Keen attention is paid to the placement of the hands throughout each move to maintain angle and connection.

Follow-Up Pinning Combinations

The ability to threaten with pinning and turns off of a takedown attempt is invaluable. Not only does the threat of the turn make finishing the takedown easier, it is also the easiest and best moment to score a fall. With virtually every technique shown above, Hinson demonstrates optimal follow-ups into cradles, turks, nelsons, and freestyle laces.

Freestyle and Greco Techniques

Coach Hinson doesn't limit himself to teaching folkstyle techniques in this video. He also shows a variety of modifications for freestyle and Greco, as well as follow-ups into leg laces for freestyle. The Russian tie is unique in that it works consistently in all three styles of wrestling, and can be especially effective in setting up upper-body Greco-native techniques. Many of these moves are just small modifications of the freestyle and folkstyle versions.

This Russian tie series is a complete offensive game plan for wrestlers at any level. Learn how to hand fight, score and pin in one convenient video!

55 minutes. 2018.

with Dwight Hinson,
Central Iowa Wrestling Club Head Coach;
4x All-American at Iowa State University;
3x Big 12 Champion; 138 career victories

One of the hardest positions in wrestling is the bottom position because the longer a wrestler is in that position, the less chance they have of winning the match.

In this video, Central Iowa Wrestling Club's head coach, Dwight Hinson, a 3x Big 12 Champion, teaches the style that helped him earn All-American status all four years in college. His club is all about development at the youth level, which has motivated him to develop several effective drills that keep the attention of kids throughout practice.

You'll see Hinson illustrate nine different drills that will help any wrestler move better on the bottom. His creative approach involves using the wall to create an opportunity to escape.

Hinson uses the wall to help wrestlers work on stand-ups and hip heists. The wall becomes a valuable tool in the Float Drill by helping wrestlers learn how to prevent getting taken back to the mat. Once out, the wall becomes an important piece to help athletes build their neutral position defense as taught in the Body Lock Drill. Finally, Hinson's exercises culminate in the Hanky Drill, which helps develop all aspects of attacking from the feet.

If you need some new drills to bring into your practice routine, this video provides

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