Duane Goldman: 2-on-1 Series

Duane Goldman: 2-on-1 Series
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with Duane Goldman,
Indiana University Head Coach;
4X All-American and NCAA Champion (Iowa)

The 2-on-1 Series is an effective set-up that can be used for both offensive and defensive control. In this demonstration clinic session, Coach Goldman shows how any wrestler can employ this series to score simple takedowns, or use it to rack up big points. Goldman breaks down how to secure the 2-on-1 and then flow into a single leg takedown - including two different ways to finish it. He also covers how to get the takedown when the opponent tries to defend against it. This session also includes three different offensive moves, as well as nine counters to the 2-on-1, many of which can take the opponent to his back for the fall.

32 minutes. 2008.

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