Dryland Training for Diving

Dryland Training for Diving
Dryland Training for Diving
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  • Improve your Swimming & Diving coaching!
  • Learn from Jeff Huber!
  • Take your team to the next level!
  • Learn from the best, to become your best!
with Dr. Jeff Huber,
USA Diving Director of Education;
former Indiana University Men's and Women's Head Diving Coach;
13X Mike Peppe Award recipient (USA Diving)
2005 NCAA National Women's Diving Coach of the Year;
14 X Big Ten Coach of the Year,13 X US Diving National Coach of the Year
2008, '00 & '04 U. S. Olympic Diving Coach; USOC National Diving Coach of the Year

Dr. Jeff Huber discusses and demonstrates dryland drills divers can practice to learn and improve skills related to springboard diving. Drills that teach specific skills and provide for a quick transfer of learning to actual dives are outlined and demonstrated by elite-level divers. These drills help teach skills such as the forward hurdle, backward press, take-off, come-out, and entry. Drills used here are ones divers can perform without the aid of special equipment.

2001. 43 minutes.

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