Drills to Build a Dodge-First Offense

Drills to Build a Dodge-First Offense
Drills to Build a Dodge-First Offense
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  • Create a "dodge-first" mindset that will reduce turnovers and increase possession time for your offense
  • Teach your players to focus on the center of the play to spot cutters for high-percentage scoring opportunities
  • Increase the efficiency of your players' dodges to penetrate the defense
  • Use competition to increase the intensity and introduce fun to your practices
  • Keep your offense moving by cutting for scoring opportunities and popping away for outlet passes
with Chris Robinson,
former McDonogh School Head Girls Lacrosse Coach;
2016, 2017 ALL-USA Today Girls Lacrosse Coach of the Year and 2015 - 2017 ALL-USA Today Girls Lacrosse Team of the Year;
2010 - 2017 LaxPower High School Girls Lacrosse National Champions;
coached the national high school record of 177 consecutive wins; overall coaching record of 341-18-1.

Build a non-traditional dodging offense designed to dictate tempo and pressure the defense in settled offense.

Chris Robinson has successfully built McDonough into state and national champions through his innovative "dodge first" offense. His philosophy empathizes dodging to score rather than the more traditional offenses, which emphasize feeders behind the goal looking for cutters. Robinson's "dodge first" offense will limit your turnovers and increase your time of possession which puts more pressure on the defense and creates more scoring opportunities for your offense.

You will see Robinson's nationally ranked McDonough team practice his offensive philosophy through a series of build-up drills. This up-tempo practice works from a (1v0) to a (7v7) half-field scrimmage providing nine different game-like drills for the offense. The foundation of Robinson's offense is the dodge, so you will see drills that reinforce key responsibilities for the ball-carrier. Specifically, he teaches his players to dodge with their heads up and improve their cradling and shooting.

This offense begins by pressuring the defense with strong dodges to the goal. By constantly dodging to the goal with their heads up, Robinson teaches his players to read and then react to the defense. Ball carriers are taught how to "bounce" out of a double and look for a cutter while off-ball players are instructed to read their defender then instinctively react with a series of backdoor cuts or to fill open space.

Robinson's high intensity, competitive drills within confined spaces will improve your teams stick handling, decision making, off-ball play, and create more scoring opportunities. By introducing new ideas into commonly-used drills, Robinson provides a new spin on off-ball play while still relying on this pivotal element of girls' lacrosse.

This video is a must for youth and high school coaches who want to create a "dodge first" mentality in their offense, pressure the defense, and score more goals.

49 minutes. 2012.

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