Drills That Support a Dynamic Offense

Drills That Support a Dynamic Offense
Drills That Support a Dynamic Offense
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Skill development drills that increase your players' lacrosse IQ!

  • Get 12 offensive drills to build a dynamic and diverse set of stick handling skills
  • Find alternatives to line drills, giving your players more realistic game-like scenarios
  • Learn drills that develop the speed and aggressiveness needed to attack the net

featuring Mike Morgan,
Merrimack College Head Men's Coach;
2019 and 2018 NCAA National Champions;
2017 USILA Division II National Coach of the Year;
Five Straight NCAA Tournament Appearances (2015-19);
2017 NCAA National Championship Runner-up;
All-Time Winningest Coach in Program History

with Bryan Brazill,
Merrimack College Assistant Men's Coach/Offense

Successful offensive players are able to generate shots on goal in a variety of ways. Whether they are carrying the ball, working to get open off-ball, creating space for the ball, or simply being a part of an offensive system, a top-notch offensive player has multiple ways to generate points.

Using small-group drills and individually-focused drills, Merrimack College coaches Mike Morgan and Bryan Brazill demonstrate 12 drills that develop elite offensive players. Morgan and Brazill use whiteboard illustrations and practice footage to share how and why these drills are effective, and even give you ideas on how to modify the drills to fit your team's needs. Many of these drills can replace traditional stickwork drills that aren't represented in a true game situation.

Small Group, High Repetition Drills

Learn stickwork drills that encourage many touches in a game-like fashion. These drills teach and reinforce skills, and are structured to get players lots of reps.

  • 3 Man 4 Cone: A great warm-up drill that teaches players to support the ball while working on multiple disciplines for handling the ball.
  • KS Drill: Used to get a lot of touches on the ball while having players work on coordinating their lower and upper bodies to handle the ball.

Dodging Progressions

This section contains effective drills on how to build strong dodgers in a way that translates directly to game situations.

  • Dodging Progressions: A shooting drill that doubles as a tool to teach players multiple dodges in various locations on the field.
  • Zippo Island: A 1v1 drill used to teach re-dodges.

Drills to Teach Offensive Concepts

Several drills that teach and reinforce the offensive concepts that make up their offensive philosophy are shared in this section.

  • NASCAR: A 1v1 drill that teaches players how to attack the ball while it's in the air, followed by a dodge off the pass.
  • Creative Triangles: A 3-man shooting drill that represents a piece of the total offense. Players are encouraged to be creative in learning how to play in a group of three within the offense as a whole.

This video will give you a great set of drills to efficiently develop your offensive players. You won't only learn the drills Merrimack uses regularly, you'll also get teaching points to modify the drills to suit your needs.

49 minutes. 2017.

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