Drills & Techniques for Hitting with Power

Drills & Techniques for Hitting with Power
Drills & Techniques for Hitting with Power
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  • Discover drills, strategies, mechanics and mental techniques for hitting the ball with power
  • Learn how to train your players to stay on the ball through their swing to generate power
  • Learn how to improve weight transfer during the swing to get to the front side and drive the ball
  • Discover the three types of drills that are most effective for developing a power hitter
with Craig Nicholson, former Arizona State University Head Coach;
former Ball State University Head Coach; 3x MAC Champions, 3x MAC Coach of the Year

Craig Nicholson's teams have consistently been some of the top hitting teams in college softball. In this video, Coach Nicholson shows you how to develop hitters who can change the game with one swing of the bat. He explains his hitting strategy and mechanics and offers several drills designed to develop a power hitter.

Strategy and Mechanics
An important component of power hitting is understanding what pitches can be hit hard and when to look for those pitches. Coach Nicholson demonstrates the mechanics of good power hitting. He explains the importance of staying inside and extending through the ball, which are critical to getting needed backspin to carry the ball.

Confidence and Situations
Even great hitters fail more times than they succeed. Confidence is a critical skill for any hitter, especially a power hitter. Understanding the process, establishing routines and developing trust will help the hitter maximize their ability. Coach Nicholson discusses typical game situations and what the hitter can do to be successful in each situation.

Power Hitting Drills
Coach Nicholson offers nine tee drills for developing good extension, staying inside the ball and using correct weight transfer. He also shows three front toss drills designed to help the hitter understand and feel how the body works. Coach Nicholson explains the purpose of doing the drills and how his hitters use them to develop the feeling of proper movement.

Contact Point and Rhythm Mechanics
The angle of contact is not as steep as many hitters think. Nicholson's philosophy is that hitters should let the ball get deeper into the zone, allowing for stronger contact. In this segment, he discusses and demonstrates the rhythm of the swing and developing consistency in the hitter's rhythm and mechanics. The hitter needs consistency for the proper sequence of body movements to occur.

It's never too soon to teach hitters how to hit for power. This video includes everything you need to teach your players how to hit for power and to develop good mechanics.

57 minutes. 2014.

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