Drills & Techniques for Developing Catchers

Drills & Techniques for Developing Catchers
Drills & Techniques for Developing Catchers
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Product Description

  • Develop the fundamental skills every catcher needs
  • Build great blocking skills so your pitchers have the confidence to throw any pitch in any situation
  • Shut down your opponent's run game with effective throws to bases
with Kyle Cheesebrough, Mississippi State University Baseball Camps Coordinator/Volunteer Assistant; former University of Louisville Assistant Coach; former Indiana University Assistant Coach

This incredible presentation by Kyle Cheesebrough contains all of the tools needed to develop a great catcher. You will learn many different ways to teach your catchers to block, receive, throw, set up, communicate, and more.

Coach Cheesebrough covers:

  • four different stances that successful catchers utilize
  • various ways a catcher can assist a pitcher in being successful
  • the proper way to receive the baseball
  • blocking drills that save runs
  • how to properly field the position in the game
  • throwing drills to improve a catcher's pop time
  • live practice and game simulated situations for catchers

Coach Cheesebrough's detailed instruction and use of practice film footage provides the tools you need to develop a more successful catcher. The double screen feature in this video enhances Coach Cheesebrough's explanation of the drills, leaving no chance for second-guessing. You'll walk away knowing exactly what needs to be done to enhance your catcher's level of performance.

If you want your catchers to improve this video will give you that opportunity.

84 minutes. 2014.

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