Drills & Games for Developing an Explosive Transition Attack

Drills & Games for Developing an Explosive Transition Attack
Drills & Games for Developing an Explosive Transition Attack
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Teach your team how to force turnovers, put opponents on their heels and score in transition!
  • 17 drills that will help your team to take advantage of transition situations
  • Help your players learn how to read a transition starting point and the stages of transition that follow
  • Train your players to recognize pass options that exploit the weaknesses in your opponent's game plan
  • with Jack Arena
    Amherst College Head Coach;
    over 420 career wins; 2x AHCA Division III National Coach of the Year (2014, 2012);
    2014 & 2012 NCAA Frozen Four; 3x NESCAC Champions; as a player he won the Hoby Baker Award as the best player in Division III following his senior season

    Putting the puck in the net isn't getting any easier! With defenses collapsing around the crease, aggressive shot blocking and better overall goal-tending, coaches need to find ways to generate scoring opportunities. Successful transition leads to more offensive chances.

    Two-time National Coach of the Year Jack Arena shares a step-by-step method for adding a new layer to your hockey team's scoring arsenal. By transforming turnovers in your defensive zone into open ice attacks off the rush, your team will add a powerful offensive weapon to their play.

    Transition Drills

    Coach Arena presents a progressive ladder of drills used for quick looks and passes that will enhance your players' ability to immediately put the opposition on their heels. These drills will help build natural, immediate transitions into attacks, without needing to build plays to make it happen.

    Coach Arena works from the "ground up" in this detailed presentation. Once players have the ability to skate, pass the puck, receive the puck, provide good support and offer attack options, these attributes will lead to success on the ice. An example of Coach Arena's drills include:

    • Hinge/Re-hinge Drill - An exceptional drill for teaching defensemen to support the puck and move it efficiently in the neutral zone with a quick attack option to the forwards. The drill works on the skating, stick handling, passing, spacing and supporting aspects off a transitional play.
    • Neutral Small Game Drill - This drill helps your team learn to maintain control of the puck during a "small ice" scenario and get pucks to teammates in a confined and crowded neutral zone. It will help forwards incorporate their defensive teammates into their transitions, in addition to improving passing to any teammate despite high pressure.
    • Gopher Regroup - This drill contains an element of unpredictability. Rather than skating or playing in a known pattern, your players must transition the puck on the coach's whistle. This drill provides a game-like experience and will keep your players on their toes.

    By using the drills outlined in this video, your team will gain the ability to create turnovers and transition them into scoring opportunities. At the same time, your players will learn to anticipate and prevent a situation that could backfire and turn into a transition play against them. Coach Arena instructs a valuable skill set to teach your players about the most important aspects of transitional hockey. From skating, handling the puck, support options, the importance of good passes and always supporting the puck carrier, Coach Arena covers everything you need to turn your team into a transition scoring machine.

    77 minutes. 2016.

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