Drills for the Flexbone Offense

Drills for the Flexbone Offense
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Get the drills you need to develop Flexbone-specific skills!

  • Discover a chute progression that establishes superior line play
  • Learn how to drill the fundamentals of the mesh in the Flexbone offense
  • Get the ABC's of blocking for wide receivers that will lead to more long touchdown runs

with Aaron Hafner,
Olathe Northwest (KS) High School Head Coach;
former Luther College Head Coach;
former William Penn University Co-Offensive Coordinator/Offensive Line Coach;
2010 Midwest League Champions; 2008 Midwest League Assistant Coach of the Year

and Payton Haynes, former Luther College Offensive Coordinator

Coach Hafner's Flexbone attack led the Iowa Conference for five straight seasons (2013-17). During that time his offense ranked in the top-10 of the NCAA D-III in rushing yards per game, including finishing second in 2014. In 2017, Luther set a single season school record of 3,409 rushing yards and also tied the single game rushing record (579).

Nothing frustrates or demoralizes an opposing defense more than a running attack they can't stop. The Flexbone isn't new, but it has undoubtedly earned its right to be respected when run correctly. In this video, Aaron Hafner, with years of experience as a Flexbone coach at the college level, shows you how to build a championship-caliber Flexbone offense.

Offensive Line Drills

No offense on earth can be productive without the beasts up front. The Flexbone offense requires specific blocking schemes, which means specific repetitions to get your players to execute with muscle memory on game day. Coach Hafner uses a PowerPoint, practice film, and a whiteboard to diagram the offensive line drill progression in the Flexbone offense, including:

  • Chute progression drills to teach the drive block.
  • Double team blocking across the line.
  • Veer releases and how to get linemen to the second level of the defense.
  • Long and short scoop blocking schemes to cut off backside pursuit.
  • A two bag drill to teach linemen how to come off the first level defender and attack the second level linebacker.

Running Back Drills

Running backs are the thoroughbreds of the Flexbone, and they need special attention if you're going to execute the amazing triple option. In this portion of the video, you will see:

  • Bag drills for agility.
  • Ball drills for ball handling and keeping possession.
  • Pitch drills.
  • Mesh drills.
  • 2 ball drills for situational football.
  • Full read drills for the triple and double options.

Wide Receiver Drills

Some coaches may think that receivers get neglected in the Flexbone offense. Not so! Receivers can be 'home run hitters' by either breaking the big touchdown run with a key downfield block, or by catching the deep ball on a surprise play-action pass. Your receiving corps can be the difference between a win or loss on almost every play. In this video, you will see:

  • Proper stance and get-offs.
  • Cone drills for agility and routes.
  • ABC/Mirror drill for stalk blocking.
  • Slam drill for crack blocking.
  • 3-on-3 drill for quick screens and the general passing game.

Sometimes, coaches implement an offense without understanding the necessary drill work to make the offense work properly. That problem is eliminated with these breakdown drills for the Flexbone from Coach Hafner!

87 minutes. 2018.

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