Drills for Offensive Creativity

Drills for Offensive Creativity
Drills for Offensive Creativity
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  • Play more exciting offensive hockey
  • Improve your offense with timing, transition and breakout drills
  • Learn demanding game-like drills
with Mark Carlson,
Cedar Rapids Roughriders (USHL) Head Coach; 2005 Clark Cup Champions;
2x U.S. Junior Select Team Head Coach ('08 and '09), Back-to-Back World Junior A Challenge Champions ('08 and '09); 2008-09 United States Olympic Committee Development Coach of the Year

Mark Carlson, the USHL's Coach of the Year in 2004-05, presents 15 important drills and details for exciting offensive hockey. His rebuilding efforts produced the best record and first Clark Cup title in team history. Coach Carlson's presentation begins with the 2-on-0 timing drill. This drill can help develop puck support, timing and under-handling the puck. Starting at the center of the rink, the Double Chip 2-on-0 drill combines shots on goal and using boards with a purpose. Carlson demonstrates drills to work on escape and transition in a 2-on-0 setting. Short and long passes are the key to the four player 2-on-0 drill. A favorite early practice drill is the Quick 3-on-0 drill, which incorporates the Mohawk turn and transition. Multiple repetitions are produced for the defensemen and forwards in the Breakout Options drill. Features of the drill are dumping it in the other corner, reverse breakouts by defensemen and making D to D pass. All the drills are reinforced with footage from Roughrider practice. These drills are demanding and push players to work on all fundamental skills need for winning hockey. Carlson believes these hockey drills will help you move the puck quicker, create exciting plays and create more offense for your team.

40 minutes. 2006.

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