Drills for Maximizing Your Team's Offense

Drills for Maximizing Your Team's Offense
Drills for Maximizing Your Team's Offense
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  • Create fast-paced, offense oriented practices
  • Learn to turn a bad pass into an aggressive play
  • Learn how to adjust drills to match your team's needs
with Phil "Flip" Piontek, University of Central Missouri Head Coach;
In his first three years as Head Coach, Piontek has led the Jennies to three straight MIAA Championships (2009-11)

The team that uses every offensive opportunity will win the majority of their games.

Flip Piontek takes you into one of his fast-paced practices to show why the Jennies led NCAA Division II schools in Kills per Set. Coach Piontek and his talented staff stress intensity, focus, and a sense of urgency as soon as players set foot on the court. From their purposeful warm-up through very competitive game-like drills, the importance of aggressive play is evident. He gives detailed explanations and suggestions for adapting their drills to multiple skill levels. You'll see:

  • A dynamic warmup progression that focuses on quality ball control
  • A drill series that progresses from individual to partner to group exercises, focusing on attacking mechanics and quality ball contact
  • Five situational serve receive drills focusing on in-system transition movement, in-system offense off the pass, side-out conversion rate, and getting quality attacks off of poor passes
  • Defense-to-offense transition drills, beginning with transition footwork patterns and progressing into running your offense from both right-back digs and left-back digs
As the practice transitions from warm-up to competition, the Jennies focus in on the most important part of their offense, serve-receive. Coach Piontek shares effective and efficient methods of training players to tackle each serve with an aggressive attitude, working toward a 65% side out percentage, a percentage that will lead most teams to victory on the court.

The desire to keep every ball in play and turned into swing is stressed throughout practice. Players are corrected, encouraged and held accountable for everything they do on the court. The benefit of immediate feedback is clearly demonstrated. Regardless of the quality of the pass, be it on target or a "virus" ball, a settable ball must be put up and the hitters must adjust to the set.

Thanks to Coach Piontek's thorough explanations, you will be able to run a practice focused on maximizing your offense, or simply add some of the elements to the existing program, adjusted to your team's abilities, that will improve any team's offensive game.

74 minutes. 2012.

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