Drills and Schemes for Special Teams

Drills and Schemes for Special Teams
Drills and Schemes for Special Teams
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  • Discover schemes and drills for four areas of special teams: Kick, kick return, punt and punt return
  • Learn new schemes to simplify the punt return while increasing its effectiveness
  • Learn how to reduce penalties when attempting to block punts
  • Use "expose" drills to determine which players have the natural skills for each of these units
with John Wristen, CSU-Pueblo Head Coach; 2014 NCAA D-II National Champions;
2011 American Football Monthly National Coach of the Year

National Coach of the Year John Wristen took the CSU-Pueblo program from a startup to a #1 ranking in just three years. In this video, Coach Wristen explores the multiple phases of the Thunderwolves' special teams game. He covers schemes, drills, and numerous coaching points to provide simple solutions to the complex challenges associated with punt, punt return, kickoff and kickoff return teams.

Punt Return
The punt return team represents a chance to score on defense as well as a chance to gain great field position for your offense. Coach Wristen covers his "Hammer" team goals and coaching points, the Hammer Circuit drill set, the Expose Drill, and his punt return schemes.

The number one way to help control field position is a great punt team. Coach Wristen uses the huddle as an advantage on his punt team. By getting to the line and punting the ball within a few seconds, he minimizes the return team's chances to set up a block or return. He discusses regular shield and rugby-style punting schemes, as well as punt protection, punt coverage and a leverage drill.

Kickoff Return
Learn schemes and drills to improve starting field position. Wristen covers both middle and trap, or sideline, returns. His middle return will help coaches respond to kicking teams that try to pin returners into corners.

Set the tone for the upcoming defensive drive. Wristen shares his kickoff philosophy, schemes and adjustments. He uses a SAG and GAS call to move his gunners and safeties around on kickoff teams. This prevents opponents from isolating key players and successfully returning the kickoff against your team. He also gives you a second Expose Drill that he uses to evaluate both kickoff and kickoff return personnel.

Video footage is provided for each special team and the techniques needed. By simplifying each technique, Wristen has created a way to maximize repetitions and limit the time needed to teach and administer special teams.

Coach Wristen's detailed looked at his specials teams units and effective drills will help improve any program in the country.

89 minutes. 2013.

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