Drills and Progressions for Building Safe and Physical Tacklers

Drills and Progressions for Building Safe and Physical Tacklers
Drills and Progressions for Building Safe and Physical Tacklers
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Product Description

  • Learn how to teach tackling without risking injury or losing the physicality needed to play intimidating defense
  • Learn how to train players to strike ball carriers with great force while keeping their heads free from contact
  • Discover techniques for developing players into great open-field tacklers
with Steve Fex, Coppell (TX) HS Assistant Coach;
member of 2001 University of Washington coaching staff (2001 Rose Bowl Champions)

Concussions and the liabilities that go with them are putting a high demand on proper tackling techniques in today's game. The good news is that you can be a physical team without going full contact in your practices.

In this DVD, Steve Fex does an exceptional job of showing coaches how to teach the basic principles of tackling without full contact. Using his techniques and drills, coaches can be confident they will not lose the physical nature of the game. Inside this video you will discover:

  • Techniques to develop a physical, effective defense without bringing ball carriers to the ground in practice
  • Seven drills to minimize practice injuries and maintain aggressiveness
  • A "bread and butter" drill that develops the key components of a great tackle
  • Tackling drills that are relevant to game-like situations and put players in position to achieve success

Coach Fex uses the "Butt and Press" drill to teach defenders how to come off a block. The drill shows players how to snap the defender down and away before "punching a hole in the cloud." Coach Fex also shares a progression of six tackling drills that teach players to shimmy their feet and get chest-to-chest with their heads up. On impact, they club up and grab cloth while driving their feet through the ball carrier.

Fex uses game situations as the source of his tackling drills and techniques. With live demonstrations using high school players, he covers the shimmy drill, target tackling, shimmy to the man, inside out tackle, the bag tackle and the cut back tackle. He also teaches an inside-out tackling technique to help defenders make tackles when they are running toward the sideline.

Cutback tackling is vital as more offenses are creating constant cutback lanes using the zone scheme. Teaching players to pace the hip of the ball carrier teaches them how to prevent cutback lanes that can result in big plays (especially on special teams).

All coaches understand the importance of creating a sound tackling team. With the help this progressive drill package, you can develop tremendous tacklers and, more importantly, minimize severe head and neck injuries.

62 minutes. 2014.

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