Drill Progressions for Youth Soccer

Drill Progressions for Youth Soccer
Drill Progressions for Youth Soccer
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  • Learn how to build from 1v1 to 11v11 so players will understand how individual play fits into the team concept
  • Learn how to develop pre-game and practice drill progressions that target the specific needs of players
  • Learn how to make drill progressions increasingly competitive to better simulate match play
with Jason Sisneros,
University of North Carolina Assistant Women's Soccer Coach and Director of Match Analysis;
2012 National Champions (and 22 National Collegiate Championships);
youth soccer coach for 17+ years - has led youth teams to state and regional titles; NSCAA Premier Diploma

North Carolina Assistant Coach Jason Sisneros provides challenging, fun drills and progressions to move players through 1-ball, 1-player activities all the way up to multi-player games that involve the full team. Sisneros works with a team of youth players modeling both the progressions the players move through in drills and the progressive nature of instruction and motivation the coach provides. After laying out the fundamental aspects/principles of drill progression, Coach Sisneros uses practice footage with an advanced youth team to introduce a series of passing, shooting, and "match-realistic" game progressions.

Coach Sisneros moves players through a Zig-Zag warm-up and passing drill that allows multiple variations; he introduces three other progressive passing drills, including a 4v1 Diamond drill that the These drills help emphasize player communication and movement. By increasing the numbers of soccer balls, changing the players' runs and stressing playing without mistakes, players will develop a level of focus that will lead to excellent match play. The end result will be smart soccer team who are always moving to the right position.North Carolina women's program has used as part of its pre-game warm-up for the past two seasons.

Players move through individual shooting drills (Bend It, Drive It) up to increasingly complex, multiple-player drills (Near, Far, Slot; Four Corners; Bogeys in the Sky; Team Trains Keeper) that increase variability, movement, and decision-making on and off the ball. Coach Sisneros models ways to heighten urgency and match-like stress for players.

Multiple-player games, including a 7v7 Variation game and the "Arsenal Games" blend of progressions/restrictions, allow players to test their skills in games, and allow the coach to target specific team needs and points of emphasis.

Coach Sisneros's is an excellent teacher with a passion for teaching the game. His clear, thoughtful teaching to youth players of drills and games used at the highest levels of soccer will benefit all levels of players and coaches.

128 minutes. 2014.

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