Drill Progressions for Developing Middle Infielders

Drill Progressions for Developing Middle Infielders
Drill Progressions for Developing Middle Infielders
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Product Description

  • Take your middle infield to a new level of execution
  • Develop championship glove work, footwork, rhythm and aggressiveness
  • Utilize 15+ drills based on Coach Buck's unique drill progression approach
with Brandon Buck,
former Mountain Pointe (AZ) High School Head Coach;
2011 5A Division I Arizona State Champs,
finished 2011 ranked #1 Nationally via Freeman's Poll on Max Preps.

Starting with the fielding stance, Coach Buck demonstrates how he trains his middle infielders to work groundballs on both sides. He demonstrates the left-right footwork foundation that makes it easier to read hops and gets your infielders attacking the ball, glove work with funneling and picks, and footwork for all situations.

Buck thoroughly covers double-play feeds from both short and second, including the flip feed, dart feeds, jump turn, in the hole, and knee feeds from second. He also shares a specific method for determining double-play depth for each middle infielder on a player-by-player basis.

Additional coverage includes eliminating lateral movement, drills for creating fielding rhythm, the eye-ball in the glove approach, fielding slow rollers, reducing steps between fielding and throwing, picking up balls with the bare-hand, a technique for instantly counteracting a bobbled ball, and the importance of having a short memory.

Every segment employs Coach Buck's proven "drill-progression" approach, developing proper movements and instilling confidence and competence through a logical series in which each drill builds on the one before.

More than a demonstration of drills, this is a successful coaching approach proven to create improvement!

48 minutes. 2011.

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