Drill Ideas to Increase the Speed of Your Offense

Drill Ideas to Increase the Speed of Your Offense
Drill Ideas to Increase the Speed of Your Offense
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  • Create a fast tempo offense - even when your setter is not setting
  • Teach a quicker tempo that is controlled by your passing, not your setting
  • Learn a wrist-snap progression to teach your attackers to hit the ball with more speed
  • Run a slide even when your setter is off of the net
with Chrissy Elder, University of Colorado-Colorado Springs Head Coach; former University of Central Missouri Assistant Coach; All American Setter at Pittsburgh State

Don't let your opponent throw your team out of system anymore! Chrissy Elder introduces drills that will help maintain your fast tempo even when rallies get hectic and the other team is coming at you hard. If all of your players able to initiate a fast-paced offense, your opponent will have a difficult time keeping up.

Coach Elder is emphatic that the speed of your offense is controlled by your passers more than your setters. Her drills will train all of your players to set quick attacks, and train hitters to effectively swing in-system even when their set comes from the back court or from a non-setter.

You'll see a series of drills that puts passers in chaotic situations where they are required to create fast tempo offense. Each drill is explained in full and demonstrated by a team of young club players. Elder explains variations for each drill to make them easier or more difficult depending on the skill level of your players.

The second series of drills focuses on running a fast tempo out of defense. Coach Elder stresses that defense can be in-system also and gives many drills that will help teach and perfect the idea. In these drills you will learn how to maintain your fast paced offense when your setter is taking digs at the 10 foot line and when someone other than your setter is setting up your hitters. Additionally, Elder takes the players through a progression of drills that teaches hitters how to hit the ball faster.

Training your team to run a quick offense must be taught throughout all aspects of the game. Elder does a great job of showing you how to train your passers, your setters, and your hitters to "speed it up" in a way that will make them all successful.

Produced at the 2012 AVCA National Convention in Louisville (KY).

42 minutes. 2013.

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