Drew Sanders 4-2-5 Defense Series, Volume 2

Drew Sanders 4-2-5 Defense Series, Volume 2
Drew Sanders 4-2-5 Defense Series, Volume 2
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Product Description

  • Create personnel and scheme mismatches for opposing offenses
  • Stop the top five running plays in the Wing-T Offense
  • Create dynamic practice schedules and checklists to prepare your defense for success
with Drew Sanders,
Vandegrift (TX) High School Head Coach;

The blitz is just one way to create chaos for opposing offenses. Drew Sanders takes you on an inside look into his blitz package for the 4-2-5 defense, and how it dictates to an offense what to do.

Coach begins by addressing why the 4-2-5 is one of the up and coming defensive schemes due to its flexibility. He gives you five core beliefs on how to develop a great defense. He goes through several different factors that he looks for in scouting an opponent to set up what he thinks will be an effective blitz. The ability to get into an even front to an odd front is very easy and structured. Coach extends to simple philosophical understandings in order to make your defense simplistic and effective enough at the high school level.

Coach Sanders covers blitz concepts to stop both the run and the pass. The Sammy and Willie are inside backer blitz's that include the tackle and nose and apply pressure in the middle of the offense. The Pinch and Twist are shown and Sanders points out the proper footwork for the defensive linemen as they penetrate the offensive line. All of his blitzes help create scheme mismatches.

The team blitz involves multiple players and attacks the offense in a variety of ways. Coach Sanders points out that the coach should blitz according to; formation, down and distance, which hash the ball is on, play calling tendencies as well as game situation. He continues by showing the defensive blitz menu that is important to have in order to have your program on the same page in developing your defense. You'll see:

  • line stunts
  • line tricks
  • Blitzes
  • Team Blitzes

Coach goes through a list of five factors that should go into game planning and calling a defense within a game situation.

Create your own chaos and wreak havoc on your opponents out of the 4-2-5 with essential blitzing techniques, line stunts and tricks.

76 minutes. 2014.

with Drew Sanders,
Vandegrift (TX) High School Head Coach;

Sooner or later you will see a dominant Wing-T team, will you have the answers on how to defeat it? Drew Sanders has offered all of the fundamental points in his 4-2-5 defense. Now, Coach Sanders takes an inside look at his philosophy and defensive scheme on shutting down the potent Wing T (or Slot T) attack with his 4-2-5, as well as his "Cobra" package that allows for diversity in his defensive attack.

Coach Sanders presents a chalk talk on defeating the top five plays in the Wing-T offense before showing you game footage of his defense in action. Starting with the Isolation, Sanders details how the 4-2-5 defends the play to the strong and weak side. A five-man front called Cobra is diagramed and Sanders points out the importance of giving the offense different looks and how this concept will create confusion and problems for the Wing-T.

The Trap is a deadly play out of the Wing-T and Sanders shows how his 3-technique defender is taught to wrong shoulder the trap block, which forces the runner to bounce the ball outside to the inside linebacker and defensive end. The Buck Sweep is a staple of the Wing-T and Sanders shows you the importance of keeping the edge and getting your team to run to the football.

Lastly, coach breaks down the passing game and helps you understand the pressure they put on with the blitz. Coach Sanders states you must blitz, most Wing T teams have an underdeveloped passing game with limited adjustments to pressure and coverage. With the pressure, the blitzes are built to not give up the big run plays. The "clamp" coverage is used in Sander's 4-2-5 scheme to slow down the play action passing game.

As a bonus Sanders shows how your scout team can increase both tempo and execution with the use of wrist bands in practice.

This is a great DVD for any coach who is looking for an advantage when facing Wing T

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