Doubles Strategy & Tactics

Doubles Strategy & Tactics
Doubles Strategy & Tactics
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  • Learn proper court position and shot selection
  • Learn each player's responsibilities
  • Learn set plays that will keep your opponents guessing
  • Get 90 minutes of stellar instruction from successful high school coach and tennis instructor Eric Wammock
with Eric Wammock,
Palmetto Dunes Tennis Center (Hilton Head Island) Head Tennis Professional; USPTA Elite Professional;
Hilton Head Christian Academy Tennis Coach
(State Runner-up '12, State Semifinals '13);
collegiate All-American, former ITF Professional;
at age 21 was the youngest D-I college head coach ever (VCU);
USPTA South Carolina Pro of the Year ('97)

>Learn to outsmart your opponents with sound doubles strategy!

Finally, a video on doubles that provides a useful, easy-to-implement series of strategies and tactics for doubles tennis. Hilton Head Tennis' Eric Wammock details the position on the court, responsibility and tactics for:

  • the server,
  • the returner,
  • the returner's partner
  • the server's partner

He also details important considerations such as: 'Who covers the lob?', 'who covers the middle?', how to move as a team, staggered vs. un-staggered, shot selection and much more!

Coach Wammock covers a variety of formations, a variety of shot selection choices and offers great instruction on the pro and cons of differing strategies. The comprehensiveness of Wammock's instruction make this doubles strategy/tactics video a 'can't miss/must have' for every coach!

98 minutes. 2014.

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