Double Option QB Read Game

Double Option QB Read Game
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Run the double option QB read in a variety of ways from different formations!

  • Utilize the double option featuring no pitch back, eliminating the fear of fumbling
  • Get plays that can hit the middle or attack the perimeter of the defense with lightning quickness
  • Learn a scheme that forces the defense to play assignment football

with Derek Pennington,
Zeeland East High School (TX) Head Coach;
2017 1st Round Playoff Appearance (9-1 record in 2017)

Utilizing your athletic quarterback as a runner in your offense will create headaches and serious problems for even the most elaborate defensive scheme.

Many coaches put their best athlete at the QB position to take advantage of all of their skills. In this video, Zeeland East High School head coach Derek Pennington shows you many ways to take advantage of an athletic QB, including plays like the:

  • Trey Read
  • GT Read & GT Read with an H Back
  • Midline
  • Veer without motion
  • Veer with Orbit motion

Pennington uses a PowerPoint to share diagrams and discuss each play before using extensive game video to show you the plays versus several looks. Additionally, he gives you different reads that the QB may encounter running the offense.

Whether you're facing a six, seven, eight, or nine man box, Coach Pennington shows how to effectively move the ball on the ground. His scheme is designed to leave a read man unblocked on each play, allowing for better blocking angles on the remaining defenders.

Also shown is a dual read veer into the boundary with the H back, as well as a QB read on the weak side defensive end. This scheme allows for an extra blocker at the point of attack, and if the defensive end collapses on the dive, it creates a lead play on the weak safety with the QB.

If your quarterback is athletic and elusive, you'd be wise to use more plays that take advantage of his skill set. This video from Coach Pennington offers up some great ideas for you to put to use this season!

68 minutes. 2018.

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