Dominate the Plate: Drills for Becoming a Complete Hitter

Dominate the Plate: Drills for Becoming a Complete Hitter
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Get a progression of drills to build a consistent swing that can hit for average and power!

  • Learn a variety of tee drills to build an aggressive swing that is balanced and in rhythm
  • Train players to get better at recognizing the inside and outside pitches with a unique front toss/tee combination drill
  • See drills that are specifically designed to improve the lower half of the body, hand path, strong contact point and athletic finish

with Edwin Thompson,
Eastern Kentucky University Head Coach

Coach Thompson's 2017 Eastern Kentucky Colonel's offense ranked among the top 50 in the nation in home runs per game, home runs, slugging percentage, scoring, batting average, doubles per game, runs, and hits.

Repetitions are key to developing good hitters, but getting hitters to do those reps will often create a robotic or mechanical swing. Coach Edwin Thompson takes you inside an EKU hitting practice and shows you how he helps players 'put purpose behind every swing.'

Thompson shares a large number of individual hitting drills that will improve your ability to hit for average and power. He incorporates a progression of tee work, front flips, batting practice and pitching machine work to help players transition from the "Zoo to Jungle." With more than two dozen drills, this video offers something for all areas of player development related to individual offense:Drills that address critical components of the stance, stride and swing will improve mechanics that allow for a quick reacting, explosive swing. Game-like drills for pitch recognition and reaction coupled with situational hitting are also shared to further prepare you for success on game day.

Over 25 Progressive Drills to Dominate the Plate

Having a progression of drills allows your hitters to work on perfecting their swing based on their individual needs. Thompson starts with all of the tee work that a player needs to improve their swing and continues through a natural progression of incorporating front flip work, a fun twist on traditional batting practice, and some dynamic pitching machine work.

The Colonel Drill is a fun drill that can be done in the cage or on the field during live batting practice. It is designed to help the player make split-second, game-like decisions. It can be controlled in such a way that you increase or decrease the "pressure" applied to the hitter.

The Combination Tee Drill utilizes two tees and coach commands to work on quick reactions, changes in timing with fastball and off-speed pitches, striding under control, and keeping the head down and shoulder in until committing to an inside or outside pitch call. This type of game-like drill will improve motor memory and chances for success on game day.

Other drills include:

  • Underload/Overload hitting to develop consistency and hitting bat speed.
  • Elephant Trunk Drill to develop rhythm in young hitters.
  • Wall Drill to develop a compact swing.
  • Cardinal Drill to enhance pitch recognition, combining tee and flip drills into one effective drill.
  • Machine drills to develop tracking and bat speed.
  • Over-speed drills to adjust to varying speeds in hitting.
  • Zone hitting batting practice to help hitters look for their pitch and adjust accurately to varying planes of pitches.
  • And more!

Coach Thompson does a fantastic job of incorporating drill work that enhances athleticism and improves hitting mechanics without players becoming mechanical. This is a great resource for any coach wanting a comprehensive tool for teaching hitters to become great.

51 minutes. 2018.

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