Developing Wide Receivers

Developing Wide Receivers
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Learn a complete wide receiver development system!

  • Train your receivers to defeat press coverage and beat second-level defenders without getting bumped off their route
  • Get drills that teach the "pressure step" that enables receivers to get out of their breaks faster
  • Learn the fundamentals of developing receivers into great blockers

with Jafar Williams,
Rutgers University Assistant Coach/Wide Receivers;
former Assistant coach at Purdue, Kent State and Northwestern

In the spread offense, it's critical for your receivers to understand how to get off of press coverage, get open and catch the ball. Jafar Williams helps you learn to teach these concepts, as he covers everything it takes to play and excel at wide receiver.

Coach Williams takes you from the stance and start to:

  • Press release & second level release techniques
  • Route running & break points
  • Catching the ball
  • Blocking

Loaded Stance

Williams begins by demonstrating the stance and alignment that is taught at Rutgers. Using a loaded stance, Williams explains how he teaches his wide receivers to defeat press cornerbacks with several release techniques. He also demonstrates how he teaches his receivers to attack underneath defenders by attacking their leverage before using one of five different releases to get into the route. Each drill shown is reinforced with key coaching points that help you understand the technique.

Break Points

Coach Williams describes the "pressure step" concept, which allows his players to change directions in order to get in and out of their breaks in a fast and effective manner. You'll learn several drills that teach and reinforce proper deceleration and acceleration fundamentals to get players in and out of route breaks, along with technique for defeating defenders at those break points. Williams also describes several drills that incorporate catching and footwork fundamentals.

Wide Receiver Blocking Techniques

Blocking for receivers is 90% effort and 10% technique. Williams describes the approach to contact, hand placement, and how he teaches players to finish blocks. He uses practice footage to demonstrate a variety of drills that he utilizes with his receivers.

Coach Williams does an excellent job in this thorough video demonstrating techniques and the Rutgers coaching progression for developing wide receivers. Overall, this is an excellent video and would be a great investment for any football coach looking to improve their wide receivers.

76 minutes. 2017.

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