Developing the Complete Running Back in a Spread Offense

Developing the Complete Running Back in a Spread Offense
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Develop a complete running back with a well-rounded skill set for the Spread Tempo offense!

  • Develop downhill runners that play physical in the Zone and Gap run schemes
  • Learn drills that relate to what a back will do in a real game
  • Learn to practice the "extreme" so the game comes easy

with Zak Kuhr,
Texas State University Co-Offensive Coordinator;
former Rutgers University Assistant Coach/Running Backs,
coached running backs at Ohio State University for 2 years as an intern under Urban Meyer

The spread tempo offense is on the rise, and the need to develop the running back in all facets of the game is paramount.

Zak Kuhr takes you through a teaching progression incorporating drills that teach the skill set needed by a running back in the spread offense. Backs must learn blocking, running downhill, and how to make decisive cuts and moves with the ball while being physical.

Running Back Drills

Using practice and scout team video, Coach Kuhr sets out his development plan in an orderly fashion. The drills begin with mesh security, then advance to reaction drills that teach running backs how to respond to openings that will occur along the line. His methods teach the running back to be as quick and decisive as possible, preaching low pad level, one step or jump cuts and ball security.

Coach Kuhr works drills that teach the running back to ‘puncture' the line vertically. He reps the four different holes that the Inside Zone Run can open. You'll get drills for ‘low drive' running, developing power angles, breaking down the triple move and coiling the spring. Coach Kuhr uses six unique drills that work on protecting the ball and teach how to finish the run.

Inside Zone and Power Game

Preaching ‘inside out' philosophy for power, Coach Kuhr believes in having "guidelines" for the back, not in setting rules that limit the back in live action. Backs are taught to read angles and work inside-out in both the running and passing game. The inside zone is taught up front with a dominating double team at the point of attack, allowing the back to attack downhill from A gap to A gap.

The Power Game works hand in hand with the Inside Zone in the Rutgers offense. Using a pulling guard at the point of attack, the Power is still a downhill demeanor for the running back, and physicality is emphasized just as it is in the Zone running game.

Passing Game

The other half of the spread offense is the passing game. The quarterback needs extra time to take shots down the field, which will help the running game even more. Coach Kuhr teaches backs the technique for striking a defender in pass protection and the importance of staying inside-out to the launch point of the quarterback. You'll see four drills that focus on footwork and firing of the hands.

If you're looking to build complete running backs for the spread offense, Coach Kuhr's instruction is second to none!

76 minutes. 2017.

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