Developing Goalkeepers: Taking Your Game to the Next Level

Developing Goalkeepers: Taking Your Game to the Next Level
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A logical and easy to replicate progression to provide simple & advanced goalkeeper training!

  • 30 exercises to build better positional play from goalkeepers
  • Learn agility and plyometric exercises, with and without the ball, to build quick and explosive movements to make great saves
  • Get exercises to to aid your keepers in making low, high, and diving saves using the hands

with Michael Cracas,
Hiram College Head Women's Soccer Coach;
former coach at Oberlin College;
owner of Quick Hands Goalkeeper Training, LLC., USSF National "D" License, NSCAA State (Level 1) & Regional (Level 2) Goalkeeper Diplomas

In the game of soccer, the goalkeeper has to use their feet and hands to not only deny any threats from the opposition, but to support their team on the field as well.

In this video, Mike Cracas demonstrates how to put your goalkeeper through a series of drills that deal with situations they'll face throughout a game. Topics include different ways to catch a ball, how to "drop step" as a goalkeeper, agility for goalkeepers, low and high saves, and much more.

Coach Cracas breaks down this video into six main segments, providing in-depth illustrations to show how to work your goalkeepers to become technically sound and confident when game time comes.

  • Warm-Up Exercises - A series of drills that prepares goalkeepers to deal with not only proper footwork, but hand placement and agility exercises with hurdles and speed ladders in a functional, unopposed setting.
  • Handling Exercises - Includes three types of catching; diamond, basket and high contour catching.
  • "Hoop Series" - Coach Cracas uses two speed rings to force his goalkeepers to get in a set position before using the proper technique to catch the ball. The server varies the service to the goalkeeper, which allows him/her to use the three different handling catches from the previous drills. Cracas also uses "keeper cuffs" to reinforce how and where the hands of the goalkeeper need to be.
  • Reaction Drills - See five progressions and ideas that force goalkeepers to deal with the game-realistic scenarios that will force quick reaction saves.
  • Low Ball and High Ball Saves - Features five progressions and includes important information on footwork. The "drop step" is addressed in order to deal with high ball saves and how to get across the face of the goal for low ball saves on the far post.
  • Warm-up Before a Game Drill Series - "I want my keepers ready for every single possible shot they could face in the first 5 minutes." Cracas presents six ideas featuring everything from agility, high and low saves, shots, and crosses.

Coach Cracas gives you everything you need to coach your goalkeepers to play with their feet and hands. You will learn the technique, player mindset, body position, and positioning to best manage the space in front of the net.

84 minutes. 2017.

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