Developing Defensive Line Technique & Fundamentals

Developing Defensive Line Technique & Fundamentals
Developing Defensive Line Technique & Fundamentals
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Build an aggressive defensive line that refuses to be blocked
  • Build an arsenal of escape techniques to get off blocks
  • Teach linemen the "Big 3" to dissect blocks and get into position to make a play
  • Learn footwork drills for establishing a strong base so your d-line won't get pushed around
with Ricky Coon,
Southeast Missouri State University Assistant Coach/Defensive Line

An Arena Football veteran, Ricky Coon is quickly making an impact in the coaching profession. Prior to coming to Southeast Missouri State, Coon served as the assistant head coach and defensive coordinator at Ellsworth Community College, where 18 of his players received all-conference recognition and three were named National Junior College Athletic Association All-Americans. He helped lead the Panthers to the 2009 NJCAA Region XI Championships, two Midwest Football Conference Playoff titles and two NJCAA bowl game appearances. In 2009, Coon's defensive unit set a school record for fewest yards allowed in a bowl game. He also served as defensive coordinator at Highland Community College, where his defensive units finished in the Top 20 in the NJCAA in each of his two seasons.

With the spread offense taking over high school and collegiate football, coaches need a defensive system that will not only adapt to the traditional pro style offense or Wing-T system, but one that can easily adjust to the spread offense, as well.

It all starts up front - most football games are won in the trenches. Ricky Coon stresses the importance of having the right mindset and proper technique. He demonstrates drills that will improve defensive line play and teach athletes the mentality, stance and alignment needed for elite level D-lines.


Coach Coon discusses how defensive linemen should approach every game and the principles they should use on the field. You will learn four aspects that are expected of top tier defensive lineman. Coach Coon preaches the three R's for success: relax, rehearse, and react. Defensive linemen have to believe they can stop any team from running the ball. You'll see how to develop goals for your defensive line positions in order for your unit to perform and compete at a high level.

Stance and Alignment

The development of a lineman focuses on the big three: eyes, hands and feet. Having the right stance provides power and eliminates mistakes. Coach Coon explains how being in the proper stance, as well as having eye control on the near knee of the offensive lineman, can give a lightning quick read and path to the man with the ball. Next, hand placement is covered, as well as alignment adjustments to various calls. By using proper hand placement and alignment, a defensive lineman can eliminate costly off-side penalties and put themselves in position to make a play.


Improve your defensive line play with 10 drills used by Coach Coon. Each drill is designed to build on each other to improve your defensive line. Coach Coon uses the T Drill to enhance a defensive lineman's ability to read the inside knee and scrape down the line of scrimmage to make a play. He discusses how each drill works, and provides video examples of every one. You'll learn why he uses these drills at almost every practice and how they translate to production on the field.

Coach Coon will help you develop your defensive linemen into consistent play makers. Wreak havoc on your opponents this season!

60 minutes. 2016.

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