Developing Cornerbacks to Play Multiple Coverage Techniques

Developing Cornerbacks to Play Multiple Coverage Techniques
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Learn to play multiple pass coverages and master the press technique!

  • Learn a daily drill sequence that teaches your corners to master the press technique in three phases: the release, the route, and the finish
  • Improve use of hands in press man coverage to keep your cornerback in position and avoid getting beat
  • See how the bait & bail, the hinge, and the catch techniques fit with the press technique, allowing you the ability to camouflage your coverages

with Aaron Henry,
Rutgers University Assistant Coach/Defensive Backs;
Secondary Graduate assistant at Arkansas;
played at Wisconsin for Chris Ash (3x Rose Bowl, 2x All-Big Ten)

The spread offense presents problems to defenses with its tempo and multiple formations. However, now the defense can fight back by appearing to play press coverage before every snap, confusing the quarterback and making him throw into coverage with the bait and bail technique or the cover 2 hinge technique. Rutgers defensive back coach Aaron Henry teaches you these techniques and more in this video.

Press Technique

Train your cornerbacks to dictate angles for the wide receiver to take. Coach Henry explains the press technique that is specific to Rutgers and how it differs from the way press is taught by most other coaches. Using simple, everyday drills, he shows you his teaching progression for the press technique that begins with the proper alignment and stance, and focuses on eye progression and footwork for the corner

Coach Henry believes in pressing with the feet by staying in front of the receiver as long as possible before using a kick step to go with any vertical release. In his footwork progression, Henry covers the:

  • Mirror step
  • Kick step
  • Switchback
  • Off hand jam

After teaching footwork, Henry shows how to coach the corner in playing the route by the receiver. Using the Fly-by and Stutter drills, you will see how to coach the corner to be in phase with the receiver and lean and locate the ball. When out-of-phase, the corner is taught to go chest to chest and play through the receiver to the ball. Coach Henry then shows how the hands are used as a bonus in press coverage, and explains how focusing on the hands too much is a major flaw in many cornerbacks that play press coverage.

The Finish

Coach Henry stresses that defensive backs must be able to make plays. He describes the techniques for the defensive back to use whether he is in phase or out of phase with the receiver. Using practice footage, Coach Henry shows how the finish should be coached against a fade route and against short and intermediate routes. You'll see the Hook & Swat drill that is used at Rutgers to knock the ball loose from the receiver while securing the tackle with the off hand. Using Coach Henry's techniques and drill progression, you will be able to teach your players to make plays and breakup passes no matter if they are in perfect position or not.

Bait and Bail Technique

Coach Henry concludes the video by showing you how the corner can appear to press, but in reality is dropping into zone coverage. See how the bait and bail techniques should be used to counter offenses that use deep routes to attack press coverage. Also, an explanation of the catch technique is included. The catch technique is typically used in the red zone where the defensive back must not allow a receiver to catch the ball in front of him.

Cornerback play is essential in the modern game. Coach Henry's coaching points and drill progression will enable coaches to teach their cornerbacks to dominate the competition.

51 minutes. 2017.

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