Developing Consistency in Serve Receive & Passing

Developing Consistency in Serve Receive & Passing
Developing Consistency in Serve Receive & Passing
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Product Description

Develop stronger and more consistent passers!

  • Get a variety of drills to train passers how to move and stay balanced while passing
  • Learn the basic principles of angle passing and how to play balls that are outside the passer's body/midline
  • Teach your passers to get their 'body away' from a deep ball so they can make adjustments to the serve (or to avoid being handcuffed)
with Travis Hudson,
Western Kentucky Head Coach;
6x Conference Coach of the Year (5 Sun Belt, 1 Conference USA); Back-to-Back Conference USA Regular Season and Tournament Champions ('14-'15); 15 total conference championships; 4x finalist for the AVCA National Coach of the Year

Western Kentucky Head Coach Travis Hudson provides a unique interpretation of how to find success in serve receive. His techniques have made his program one of the most consistent ball control teams in the country. Hudson provides clear explanations and simple drills that you can incorporate with your team for angle passing, taking balls outside of the midline, proper footwork, body away from your platform, and a variety of drills to work on developing your players' passing skills.

In each of the 14 drills in the video, Hudson explains his philosophy on why he trains passers with a particular mindset and how he reinforces those ideas on the court. While his approach is unique, his intent is to refocus the player to approach passing with a different mindset. This allows players to be in a consistent position in order to get reliable results.

Platform Technique

Coach Hudson shares the demonstrations of several drills specifically focused on developing a quiet platform and extending good form throughout the pass; these skills become the building blocks for ball control and the drills in this video will help your players understand proper technique. Throughout the demonstrations, Hudson also explains techniques for playing the ball outside the body line.

Utilizing Balance

Coach Hudson provides strategy and technique for footwork training to ensure players can pass while in good body position. He focuses on balance and methods to put players in position to be successful and consistent. He also explains why players tend to be out of position and where they are reaching, which results in less consistency.

While emphasizing footwork techniques, Hudson utilizes several drills designed to reinforce his approach to player movement. He uses various camera angles to provide insight into how the drills should run and has players demonstrate each drill multiple times.

Technique Repetition

After covering the basics, Coach Hudson extends those skills into a variety of drills that work both individual athletes and groups of players and cover player movement in all four directions. He provides tips on mental strategy for each element that players should focus on during the serve-receive process.

This video is an excellent teaching tool to teach footwork for serve-receive that can be easily modified to any level of play.

"Coach Hudson really breaks serve receive passing down very well. Not only does he talk about the correct techniques and skills, but he gives the viewer great verbal cues to use when coaching!" - Customer Review

59 minutes. 2017.

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