Developing Complete Outfielders

Developing Complete Outfielders
Developing Complete Outfielders
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Train your outfielders to take better angles and make adjustments to field fly balls and groundballs in throwing and non-throwing situations!

  • Learn drills for improving first-step quickness to catch more fly balls and keep baserunners from taking extra bases
  • Discover drills that simulate game-like situations such as a ball moving in the wind, in the sun, and hooking or slicing away from the outfielder
  • Learn the proper footwork to attack balls in the outfield from all eight angles

with Gino DiMare,
University of Miami Head Coach;
Played for Miami (1989 - 1992) and was a longtime University of Miami Assistant Coach (1997 - 2018);
2016 NCAA College World Series;
Back-to-Back-to-Back ACC Coastal Division Champions (2014-16);
2x NCAA World Series Champions (1999 & 2001)

Improve the ability of your outfield to take away hits, throw runners out, and stop runners from taking extra bases. Coach Gino DiMare provides multiple drills and techniques for improving first step quickness, tracking, and taking angles to field fly balls and ground balls in throwing and non-throwing situations. Additionally, he discusses the mental aspect of fielding to help ensure your players want the ball and are ready to play.

Outfield Drills

Learn how to use progressive drills to teach defensive techniques for outfielders. Coach DiMare explains the teaching points he emphasizes for each of the drills. Drills include:

  • Crossover drills to ensure quick reaction to any ball hit.
  • Drop-step drills to cover balls hit over the head of outfielders.
  • Catching drills that emphasize taking appropriate angles to the ball.
  • Ground ball drills that maximize the ability of outfielders to throw out runners and take away bases from hitters.
  • Dry ball drills to practice footwork getting to the ball and relaying it back into the infield.
  • Fly ball drills to take appropriate defensive angles while avoiding sun interference.
  • Live ball drills to learn how balls come off a bat with different spins and angles.

Techniques for fielding routine fly balls and ground balls include methods for improving the angle and momentum toward the infield for making the play. DiMare also explains how to quickly and accurately get the ball to the appropriate base or cut-off man. He describes the benefit of practicing a 2 step crow hop to improve timing and accuracy of throws. The same crow hop technique is utilized after making a one-handed scoop of a "do-or-die" ground ball in an attempt to throw a runner out that is trying to take an extra base.

Coach DiMare gives you everything you need to know about developing effective outfielders that consistently make outs. You will learn the mindset, techniques, and abilities to put players in positions they can be successful. If players are successful and confident, your team will win championships.

88 minutes. 2017.

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