Developing Attacking and Passing Skills

Developing Attacking and Passing Skills
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Improve your team's ability to pass and attack in order to win more games!

  • See how to make a solid platform for forearm passing
  • Teach full body movement to increase power and minimize shoulder stress/injury
  • Learn hitting drills to increase power while decreasing stress on the shoulder

with John Kosty,
Stanford University Head Men's Volleyball Coach;
2010 AVCA D I-II National Coach of The Year;
2x Mountain Pacific Sports Federation Coach of the Year;
took Stanford from three wins in 2007 to national champions in 2010 - a three-year turnaround

Stanford University's John Kosty demonstrates attacking and passing skills on the court. You'll learn how to re-train the art of forearm passing, how and where to utilize overhead passing, mechanics of the arm swing, developing a successful attacker, and more key tips to improve your team.

Forearm and Overhand Passing

Coach Kosty goes through step-by-step instructions on how he's set up his players to have a solid platform for more control with forearm passing. He includes key drills he does in his own practices and also provides detailed explanation for each drill.

Next, Coach Kosty transitions into overhand passing techniques and drills. He describes the different times when his team uses both overhand and forearm passes. These drills are fundamental for both advanced players and beginners.

Arm Swing Power

The second part of the video flows into how to develop more power into a player's swing while minimizing the stress on their shoulders. Coach Kosty details how to train a player to use more of his or her body to increase power. The drills will show you step-by-step instructions for developing your hitters' power while decreasing stress in the shoulders.

This video also includes a Q&A session which supports the skill breakdown.

Need to improve your team's passing and attacking skills? John Kosty provides the answer.

Produced at the 2016 AVCA Annual Convention in Columbus, OH.

49 minutes. 2017.

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