Developing 2 Gap Lineman for the 3-4 Defense

Developing 2 Gap Lineman for the 3-4 Defense
Developing 2 Gap Lineman for the 3-4 Defense
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with Mike Fanoga,
University of Wyoming Outside Linebackers Coach;
former New Mexico State University Defensive Line Coach

Coach Fanoga's passion for football begins in the trenches - the defensive line. Fanoga begins with lining up and stance for the D linemen. The ends are backed off the ball about 16 inches and use inside hand. The nose can crowd the ball or back off and has the green light. Stance starts with a wide base, wider than the shoulders and a flat back. The ends take care of the A, B, and the C gap. The nose is responsible for the two A gaps. Fanoga likes the uniqueness of this defense and teaches players on a sweep to read and play right down the line of scrimmage. The technique is lateral steps down the line, which he calls "pound his feet." Every thing the offense does, the defense reacts to it. The nose is in charge of cut backs in this scheme. In the two-gap defense, players are taught the zone, scoop, base, down and double team blocks. Game footage drives home the technique that Fanoga covers on the white board. Footage of a dozen drills for offense linemen conclude this excellent presentation.

50 minutes. 2007.

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